If his oldest son, Prince William, chooses to maintain his Highgrove house in Gloucestershire after Prince Charles succeeds Queen Elizabeth II to the throne, he may pay the high rent expenses.

The shift in royal dwelling quarters is expected to coincide with a more dramatic overhaul of the Royal estate following Her Majesty's death. When Prince Charles becomes King, the Monarch's luxurious residential quarters at Buckingham Palace will be downsized to "a flat above the shop."

Prince Charles' plan when he becomes King

The proposal is part of a comprehensive renovation of the huge Royal estate, which will include making the official London residence more accessible to the public than ever before.

Other changes being explored as part of Charles' broad ambitions include converting Balmoral into a museum dedicated to the Queen and relocating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Windsor Castle, Express.co reported.

The Berkshire property is reported to be "too noisy" for Prince Charles due to its proximity to the Heathrow flight path. When Prince Charles becomes King, his home in the Cotswolds will eventually pass to his son, who will receive the Duchy of Cornwall from his father.

As a result of the title change, the Prince of Wales would be required to pay rent. According to the Daily Mail, the Cambridges might inherit the Prince of Wales' Llwynywermod estate in Carmarthenshire and Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

However, it has been suggested that Prince Charles may choose to modify the Firm's living arrangements at Buckingham Palace. The royal residence in London, which is presently undergoing renovations at an estimated £369 ($500) million, is expected to be available to the public all year.

Prior to Megxit, Clarence House had been identified as a possible residence for Prince Harry and the Sussexes. However, with the estranged Sussexes residing in the United States, a source close to the royals has said that members of the Firm are hesitant to move in after Charles.

Clarence House had previously served as the Queen Mother's London residence until her death in 2002 at the age of 101.

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Prince George could inherit Prince Charles' London home

Meanwhile, Prince Charles is said to have arranged for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to inherit his official London house when he becomes King. However, since the couple moved away from the royal family to go to the United States, this is reported to be "no longer on the cards."

It has long been speculated that when Prince Charles becomes King, he intends to make substantial changes to the Royal Family, which may affect royal residences.

To reduce the size of the royal estate when he becomes the throne, it has been rumored that he will reside in "a apartment above the shop" at Buckingham Palace and use Highgrove as his family home.

According to reports, the home will most likely be kept for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, or Prince Louis. It is also believed that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge will relocate from Kensington Palace to Windsor Castle, a move that the pair has expressed a desire for.

There are also rumors that both Balmoral and Buckingham Palace will be available to the public. Queen Victoria was the first British monarch to use Buckingham Palace as her official residence, and all subsequent monarchs have done the same.

The palace is now in use as a functional royal residence, with the Queen's offices placed among its 775 rooms. In addition, there are 52 royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms.

The beautiful staterooms, gardens, and rare fine art hanging from the hallways are presently open to the public, as is Her Majesty's throne chamber, as per MIRROR.

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