Joe Biden is dead set on making it clear, and the US calls the shots, but Xi Jinping will not be easily controlled. This is the dilemma of the US leader, whose credibility has sunk to an all-time low due to the Afghan pullout and the impending economic debacle by not putting America first.

Observers of the Biden White House think the US leader is trying to impress that everything is under control but reigning in Beijing, to show it he's still the commander in chief.

The US must assert they are entirely in command

Annelise Nielsen, Sky News correspondent, advised that the US president must demonstrate to Beijing that the US is in control. However, it will be difficult for the whole image of America, reported the Express UK.

A week ago, the two leaders met for the second time to converse with each other. Former President Donald Trump has accused China of unfair trade practices and the military standoff in the South China Sea.

Nielsen stated that the Indo-Pacific is crucial to the security of everyone concerned. According to a Facebook post, losing the line in the South China Sea will mean trouble for the Quad and NATO allies and the US. She added that the world is in a global reset, despite whether Xi Jinping calls for it or not. With the rise of populism all over the globe, this is the time that China can move in and proclaim it as the supreme power over other nations that Joe Biden has to deal with.

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China wants to become dominant power

Nielsen added trying to look better in that arena with Beijing is not worth it. Trying to overstep will be a waste of time. The US president must establish who is in control, not let Xi dominate everything, which would mean an undesirable outcome. It might be able to play out in a way not dictated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in South China Sea affairs.

Instead of trying to convince Xi with strong words, it would be better to be using tariffs and trade setbacks to drive in the point if Biden can do that. The Chinese leader is prepared when contrasted to the US leader.

One Sky News correspondent, Sharri Markson, discussed how effective the current US administration is to the hard-hitting former President Donald Trump in an interview with Cameron Stewart. Just this week, Washington and Beijing have their second call since the start of Biden's administration on January 20. Markson asked Mr. Stewart what he thought Biden and China were getting dealt with, comparing which president did better and how the new White House has handled the CCP.

Stewart remarked that the winner of the 2020 elections said he would be tough as Trump. Biden has not delivered on the promise but still put sanctions in place. Joe Biden has kept the status quo as Trump left it with Xi Jinping. He added that the US and China are at a stalemate.

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