When people think of Florida, they think of the sunshine state. They dream about going to Disney World and soaking up the sun on the beautiful beaches. While all of that is true, there are several other things you might not know about this state. Just ask the locals. There is so much more than meets the eye. Just as Florida has a lot to offer, it also has several little quirks about it, too.

If you're considering a big move down south any time soon, here are a few random things you'll want to know about what it's like.

Don't Forget About the Pirates

What you probably don't know is that Florida is filled with pirate history. In Tampa, there are pirate ships along the bay where you can take tours of the city and learn about the history. And of course, you can't forget about the bars and restaurants that are all pirate-themed.

This city is so dedicated to its pirate history that there is even an entire festival. For several weeks at the beginning of each year, various events are hosted to celebrate the pirate invasion that took over Tampa Bay.

The festival has been happening since 1904. During January and February, there are multiple parades, a music festival, and even a run that takes place throughout the city. People from all over the country come for the main event along Bayshore Boulevard. It's a sight like no other.

Don't Expect a Basement

If you're looking to move to Florida and want to buy a house, don't expect to find one with a basement. Due to being at sea level along with moist soil, houses aren't able to accommodate basements. This is why most homes will have sheds or attics instead.

If you're in need of extra storage, make sure to look for a home with extra space. Otherwise, consider an extension or a shed as a part of your moving budget. The downside is that these storage spaces won't be air-conditioned. This means you might want to consider a storage facility for personal items that can't withstand the heat or humidity.

Hurricane Season Is Real

For being considered the sunshine state, it sure does rain a lot in Florida. During hurricane season, always anticipate it will rain every single day throughout the summer and fall months. Normally they come as a quick afternoon shower and within moments the sun will be out again. However, during hurricane season, locals have to prepare their windows and home supplies for the off-chance a hurricane hits.

If you're moving to Florida, make sure to have an updated insurance policy and get to know a local Florida property damage lawyer. Hurricane season can be incredibly unpredictable, so you'll want you and your possessions to be protected from any flooding or roof damage.

No One is Actually From Florida

As you start to get to know the people in Florida, you'll learn very quickly that no one is actually from Florida. This state is filled with people from multiple states. With Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, and other surrounding islands close by, you'll find a melting pot of different people that make up this culturally beautiful place. You'll see the culture everywhere from food, music, dancing, art, and more throughout every inch of Florida.

You'll Meet More Cowboys Than Surfers

Just because Florida is known for its surplus of beaches doesn't mean everyone is a surfer. It's actually more infused with farmers and ranches than you may have realized. With over 18,000 ranches around Florida, this state is ranked number 10 for its number of beef cows. Over one million cows, to be exact. Florida locals also love the rodeo, which is an experience you won't want to miss.

Your assumptions about Florida being extremely hot and having a lot of beaches are correct. But no matter where in the world you go, there will always be some quirky things about someone's home state that make it unique.