As the encounters with China and Russia ramps up in the Indo-Pacific and Europe, UK special forces will be expected to focus on higher risk missions. This comes as more countries are having run-ins with the two countries. Specialists may have to advise local forces in dealing with them.

British military said that their expertise is needed to counter Russian and China forces. Both regimes are getting more advanced, but the People'sLiberation Army(PLA) is almost getting there as a military force to reckon with. But Russia is not easy to deal..

Most armed groups that don't have the training to deal with either of these two countries will have little chances to counter any movement from them.

Special Forces needed in complex operations

According to Commander Totten, who joined the British Marines in 1998, special forces will be allowed to deal with more difficult missions like operations against the Kremlin and Beijing.

"It takes real specialist expertise, so we will allow them to have more time and people to address those and we can conduct some of the tasks, such as maritime counterterrorism for example, or partnered operations, where it is difficult, where there is a higher risk," added Commander Totten, according to the Express. 

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Brigadier Totten is the commander of the commando force with 4,000 members from the Royal Marine who will be having special unit roles, cited the Head Topics.

He added that the elite soldiers in the special forces will be scattered in small groups and strategically spread all over the world. Their function will be  special military advisors for anti-terrorist activities. This unit will be important to anti-Russian and China advisers.

There's no specific mention of tasks from the marine commander. But he added that it might be maritime training of aggrieved nations who are bullied by the Chinese.

Though he did not confirm it, Royal Marine special ops might end up in the eastern part of the Suez, or hotspots in the Indo-Pacific as well. Places like these will be crucial to defend in times of crisis.

The commander said that the Arctic and ice caps will be places of concern when Russia and China might use these sea routes.  

Totten stated that there will be a huge shift to these places that were once ignored like the Antarctic and Northern poles which will be needing forces stationed there.

The commander is concerned about what will happen to these areas if there were no special ops around should a crisis arise. It was the first verification of the UK over the need for SOFs to be ready so they are available to deal with modern-day threats.

Last one out

The announcement of the special unit of Totten comes after knowing that a meager number of troops will stay in embattled Afghanistan. The US and other coalition troops are leaving while Brit troops shall remain longer in the area.

Remaining British troops will be UK special ops or Special Air Services (SAS) who will train Afghans troops to fight, reported the Telegraph.

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