The Trump Organization demoted Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg from senior positions following his indictment on charges, such as tax fraud. Weisselberg was removed as Trump Payroll Corporation director on Friday and a Trump International Golf Club Scotland Limited director on Thursday.

Weisselberg was removed from his leadership positions at many subsidiaries. This involves Mar-a-Lago. The event comes following his and former President Donald Trump's charge of allegedly spearheading a tax fraud scheme that ran for a decade and five years. According to a source close to the Trump organization, his title and role at the Trump Organization could be changed. However, Weisselberg will remain to be a part of the company.

"Not Guilty"

He has pleaded not guilty to 15 counts in New York state.

Trump Payroll Corporation was where he was earlier listed as holding numerous senior roles. However, he was removed from his post after he and Trump Payroll Corp were arraigned earlier this month by the Manhattan District Attorney.

Since 1973, Weisselberg has worked for the Trump family. Despite the expectation that he will be a long member of the company, according to privy individuals, leaders of the organization have discussed the possibility of changing the duties, title, and responsibilities of him, reported GWN.

The arraignment of Weisselberg was part of the Manhattan District Attorney's probing into former President Donald Trump's company on several charges involving tax. It is broadly believed that District Attorney Cyrus Vance wanted to use the arraignments to get him to overturn on the former president, reported Meaww.

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The Washington Post reported that Weisselberg was removed from at least 40 subsidiaries. The New York Times reported that he was not listed in leadership roles anymore.

Beyond the immediate Trump family, Weisselberg became one of the Trump Organization's most prominent executives, reported Business Insider.

The Trump Organization took a proper corporate governance approach for the time being to alleviate probable issues in Florida, according to a privy individual.

Trump Payroll Corporation earlier listed him as director, treasurer, secretary, and vice president on Florida Department of State business records. Donald Trump Jr. is currently listed as director, executive vice president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer on records filed late last week. Eric Trump is currently designated as director, president, and chairman on such records.

The accusations against Weisselberg were of evading taxes for the fringe benefits of the employees. These allowed some of them to receive things such as apartments, luxury cars, and school tuition in his almost 50 years as the organization's CFO.

There was no explanation indicated in the revised corporate documents.

The Wall Street Journal initially reported on the removal of the suspect from office.

Last week, Weisselberg was also dismissed as director of Trump International Golf Club Scotland Limited. It is associated with the former president's Scotland golf course.

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