The Iron Dome stops the Hamas rockets launched by Islamic militants and lessens casualties and damage to the City Of Askelon on Sunday.

Iron Dome stops the Hamas rockets repeatedly

According to a resident of the southern Israeli city, who hid with his teenage daughter to hide and seek cover while the missile defense system intercepted the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, reported the Wall Street Journal.

While staying undercover, Six rockets shot at incoming missiles exploded into white as the air-defense interceptors darted into the sky. The Islamic militants started firing into Jewish communities last Monday, but no severe casualties or rocket hits cause harm to civilians.

What is the Iron Dome system?

The Iron Dome system has been operating since 2011, built and operated with $1.6 billion in US financing, made up of a network of linked missile batteries and radars that target rockets aimed at inhabited areas.

Its radar is programmed to knock out the only rockets that will hit populated sections and ignore uninhabited open areas with not communities. Compared to the Palestinian Hamas rocket attack before, fewer and more projectiles were launched starting Monday.

Danny Yatom, a former head of Israel's Mossad intelligence service, said, "What Hamas is doing about now could be an effort to cause chaos on the system. They anticipated Iron Dome to quit functioning, but this did not occur." Universal Personality mentioned this statement.

His remark cited by Head Topics, "The versatility of defense system to cope with the sheer volume has quietly amazed everyone."

Iron Dome stops the Hamas rockets by testament to its precision in detecting and striking attacking projectile in mid-air.

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The system suppresses approximately 90% of the incoming volleys, aligning with the Israeli navy's expected performance for effectiveness.

Other experts from the Overseas Coverage Analysis Institute in Philadelphia, Michael Stephens, a senior fellow, said, "It's been a good example of a system that has rapidly developed to become the world's most powerful short-range system."

Justin Bronk, another expert from Royal United Providers Institute, stated, "I believe that this will support Israeli missile defense programs gain more support in the global market since it is technically impressive."

Along with the United Arab Emirates, India, and some other Asian nations, several nations have shown interest in acquiring the Iron Dome system. Analysts expect that its recent performance will make such sales compelling.

In the Middle East, the system will be helpful for UAE and Bahrain that has faced attacks from the rockets and drones of the Yemeni Houthi and Hamas, that both backed by Iran.

Israel's Rafael and IAI security companies developed short-range missile systems, and a prototype for the US navy was developed in collaboration with Raytheon Technologies Corp. But, the system has not been deployed by the US military yet.

An Israeli Air Force general mentioned that the system would have two interceptors hitting an incoming hostile missile; with more missile barrages, it will only fire one attacking projectile. It is due to the high intensity of the Hamas attack, said an Israeli Air Drive common.

Iron Dome stops the Hamas rockets and even Hamas Drones and hitting about three launched by the Palestinian extremists. This system destroyed on targeting Reim, where the Israeli division headquarters is situated. Stopping most of the attacking missiles is a technical feat protecting Israeli cities like Askelon.

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