An 11-year-old Georgia boy jumped off a school bus and into a passing pickup truck in a desperate effort to get away from his bullies, his father claimed. The middle schooler leaped out of the right rear window as the bus came to a halt in a turn lane.

Father claims Georgia boy tried to escape bullying

Georgia State Patrol said he jumped on a passing pickup truck before rolling onto the highway. Last Wednesday, Dion Murphy told FOX5 Atlanta that his son was beaten by other students and fled out of a bus window.

"One student jumped in his direction, pressing him against the window. He fell, while the other student took his foot and jumped out the window in a futile effort to escape," Murphy said.

The boy, a student at Walton County's Youth Middle School, was taken to a local hospital. According to his father, he suffered the injury and a fractured elbow. That was not the first time incident bullies had targeted him.

Per FOX5, the family said they had informed the school of past events, and this one had taken the boy too far. "I think he was trying to escape the situation. His back was against the wall at the time; his father told the network.

During a meeting with the school's principal on Friday, Murphy said he saw a recording of the beating. The distraught dad added that more tapes show the bullying act that made him upset with the school for neglecting and doing nothing against it.

"They dismissed it as harmless fun, but my son could have died." The Georgia boy is no longer a student at the school. According to a spokeswoman, Walton County Schools are aware of the misconduct complaints, NY Post reported.

The statement said: Bullying and abuse of any kind are not tolerated in the Walton County School District. School administrators are doing a full investigation of the incident, and any discipline violations that arise will be appropriately addressed at the school level.

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Another middle-schooler allegedly a victim of bullying

While the Georgia boy survived the fatal actions he did, a 12-year-old boy in New York died of alleged bullying. Investigators are looking into allegations that a 12-year-old boy in New York was harassed and assaulted during school hours two separate days before he died and ruled his death suspicious.

Romy Vilsaint, 12, was pronounced dead at the hospital early Friday morning. According to his relatives, his condition declined Thursday night, and he began vomiting at home. Roodwiny Exantus, the boy's cousin, claims Romy told him about being attacked twice during the day on Wednesday and Thursday by boys suspected to be his classmates at Public School 361.

Romy's family wondered why, if a school nurse noticed he was hurt, he was not taken to the hospital from the school. According to Exantus, the school called the boy's parents, who were at work and didn't pick up.

"They did something wrong, in my opinion. You don't need to ask the approval of Romy's father if the kid was struck in the head, couldn't come back to work because you were told it was serious. Per KFYRTV, Exantus said, "Just take him to the hospital." Romy has a passion for basketball and aspired to be an actor. Exantus recalls him as well-liked, and he has no idea why anybody would wish to hurt him.

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