After Jake Paul took Floyd Mayweather's hat in a public spectacle, the YouTuber turned boxer has a nice black-eye and chipped tooth.

Jake Paul gets beat up after taunting Money Mayweather

Paul was the center of attention after making Mayweather mad in a crowd; this did not go down well. Taunting the boxer essentially got him beat up by the champ. It happened at the Hard Rock Miami Stadium, as reported by The Daily Caller.

As it happened, Logan Paul, his brother, was at the venue to promote the June 6 exhibition against undefeated champion Floyd Mayweather. All was well, but Logan did not expect his brother to do something so daring and cause complete mayhem.

Every single one of them is a self-described "tough guy." Jake gets in Mayweather's face, and the two loudmouths screamed insults at each other. Jake took Mayweather's cap and announced, "Gotcha hat!" in the heat of the moment, said the Sports Geek.

That rude act caused Mayweather to blow a fuse, and he rushed Jake Paul, and all hell broke loose, or so it seemed.

The stunt caused total bedlam chaos as Floyd battered him with punches that left a lovely couple of marks on Jake's face. It took a lot of people to break up the scuffle that left the Money Mayweather completely unscathed, cited Sport Bible.

Who threw punches and who hit who is still uncertain. Both parties' bodyguards were able to keep the two separated, but Mayweather went for Paul immediately, leading in a second confrontation. But eventually, Floyd's bodyguards got their boss off Jake Paul, leaving him with a black eye and a chipped tooth for his trouble.

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Despite what had happened to him, the world's most contentious celebrity left the scene, telling reporters that "all went according to plan."


"It was eventually discovered that celebrity had been planning to steal Mayweather's hat all along." He got the hat because he was about to introduce a new product after telling the media that he did so because Mayweather took people's money throughout his boring PPV fights.

The video went online immediately after the incident to endorse and sell Gotcha Hats for $25. He also admitted that he had been smacked but not by Mayweather. One of Mayweather's 30 bodyguards added that he was also hit by one of the bodyguards.

He got what's coming for being disrespectful, notwithstanding. But, hey, so what are a black eye and a bloodied mouth if it implies more Gotcha Hats purchases?

Jake Paul was the definite victor for this round, but it wasn't just because of Gotcha Hats.

The celebrity got Floyd's attention. He had also demanded a fight with Mayweather, but Floyd decided to fight his brother, not him.

For sure, the loud brother is inside Floyd's brain. It's not out of the question that the Logan Paul war will be delayed because of his brother. Jake Paul has a black eye and chipped tooth, but he promoted 'Gotcha Hats!'.

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