A Mali woman gives birth to a surprising seven babies at once; the doctors did not expect to find two more.

Mali woman gives birth to nine children

About seven babies were expected before she gave birth, but there were two more not accounted for on the day of birthing. The woman gave birth to nine children, and is one of few to do that, reported the Guardian.

When the woman identified as Cisse captured the attention of the West African nation, even the leader of Mali, the country's transitional chief, Bah Ndaw, was told by doctors who are concerned they don't have the facilities to deal with the birthing properly, added Reuters.

A request was made to send the woman to Morocco to give the proper medical care needed. After getting sent there, Cisse had five girls and four boys, remarked the Mali Health Ministry, noted Aljazeera.

One thing to note, the woman is one of several women in Mali to give birth to nonuplets that is not common.

Cisse's pregnancy has enthralled the West African nation and drawn the attention of its leaders. According to Mali's health ministry, when doctors informed the country's transitional chief, Bah Ndaw, that Cisse needed specialist care, he requested her to be sent to Morocco, giving birth to five girls and four boys.

The government gives the Mali woman who gives birth to nine babies priority to ensure the end of the pregnancy does not harm both mother and babies.

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The health minister of Mali, Fanta Siby, spoke to Agence France-Presse that the Mali doctor updated the mother's condition with her to Morocco. The mother of nonuplets has captured the attention of the world press.

Siby told the press that the mother and doctor would be going home in several weeks before returning to Mali.

According to the health ministry spokesman of Morocco, Rachid Koudhari said that he had no idea if nonuplets were ever born to any Moroccan woman. Neither are there any records of births less than nine children in one instance like Cisse.

Doctors involved in the nonuplet birth are expressing several concerns about the mother and her kids. They say that giving birth to nine children simultaneously is very rare, especially that many at one time.

Specialists are expressing that medical problems are not impossible, and it impacts the health of both mother and babies.

Mali's health ministry said that the ultrasound conducted to check how many children were expected was only seven. How the ultrasound missed the two extra fetuses is yet to be explained by the Mali medical experts.

Siby sent her congratulations to both Mali and Moroccan doctors involved in the medical teams. She added their professionalism made the outcome of the pregnancy get better.

After the statement of the Mali official, the condition of the mother and nine newborns have yet to be updated. Mali woman gives birth to nine babies have hopes that they will be healthy in the coming days.

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