Some users on the internet are getting invovled in an unusual fad to rotten 'high meat.' This refers to the meat that is left to decompose naturally until it is consumed.

Rotten 'High Meat' is an eccentric fad

Normally rotten beef is not eaten anymore. However, some individuals are curious enough to eat it and say it's state is the best time to chow on it, reported IFL Science.

Oddly enough, like most fads, a number are getting experimental with eating decomposing meat. As to how this trend started is unclear, but here are some ideas that explain how and why.

Eating habits from a very long time ago

It is thought that scientists found fires and bones moving back into the ancient past when hominids were wanderers and hunters. This gave the idea that ancient humans will not eat what they hunted raw instead of cooking what they ate.

As early as before real technology, man cooking flesh was inferred as something better than killed bacteria from raw meat. From that time, meat was easier to digest and gave a better taste to the palate of ancient humans. Some scientists call it long-term conditioning as humans learned to cook, though some researchers think microbes have something to do with removing the stench of rotting meat, and it's not to help humans. It seems rotten 'high meat' is something done by eccentrics mostly.

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Fast forward to the future

Going back to pre-hunter or wanderer days, some people think that ancient humans had the right idea to eat raw meat. For them, what they define as rotten is not leaving meat exposed overnight. Instead, the level of going raw is leaving the meat to decompose for months or even years.

By the time the meat is ready, the bacteria on the surface changes the appearance. It is a different degree of rotten that is far different from what is considered 'Rotten.'

Feeling different after eating 'high meat'

Reports from people trying out this new fad say that eating it is a different experience altogether. Usually, when anyone eats this kind of meat, they will be feeling high, and scientists are not sure what is causing the feeling of getting high on aged raw meat.

Some researchers speculate it might be dehydration or hallucination, but some like the cheesy and acidic taste of these exotic steaks or feeling good after eating.

Will raw meat be dangerous to eat? That depends on the condition of the meat mostly. Examples of it are steak tartare that is raw beef, eaten ever since. Another is dried meat like beef jerky or cured meat.

In Iceland, the Greenland shark is called Hakari, is fermented for a time, and will involve processes that grow beneficial microorganisms with the meat. At this point, the shark meat is ready for eating but this is only for consumer who does not have sensitive stomachs.

Although all these specially processed meats are fermented like rotten "high meat," they can be unwisely consumed. This may cause upset stomach or food poisoning due to bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus and salmonella.

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