Twitter will reportedly be adding an "undo tweet" feature, as shown by mounting evidence and the tech giant's confirmation. However, those who want to be able to "undo tweet" will have to pay. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong has discovered a subscription screen within the feature. The capacity to take back tweets has also shown up on a survey for Twitter users regarding features they would be willing to pay for and the code for the app.

Twitter's 'Undo Tweet' Feature

It is reportedly seemingly that we will never get the Edit Tweet button we have all been waiting for. However, it appears that the Undo Tweet feature will be rolling out soon adequately for members of the rumored upcoming Twitter subscription service. On Friday, tech researcher Jane Manchun Wong posted a screenshot of what appears to be a subscription settings homepage that features the undo button as one potential option a subscriber could make.

Previously this March, the microblogging website revealed that several paid subscription companies are in the works. If Twitter customers pay for a subscription, then they could get some premium options, reported Gizmodo.

In the meantime, Wong briefly confirmed how the function would possibly work. The undo tweet function is very different from the "delete" tweet. The function will cease the tweet from being sent off in any respect. It is going to have a timer in a type of progress bar. This will indicate to customers how much time they have earlier than they will undo the tweet, reported News 4545.

The undo tweet feature was confirmed by Twitter to CNET. It is not clear how much users will have to pay for the feature or if it will be associated with other features for which users subscribe.

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According to Wong, "Twitter is working on app subscription for paid features like 'Undo Tweet.' Twitter is working on "Undo Send" timer for tweets," reported Business Line.

 The date of its availability is unknown. However, it reportedly makes sense why Twitter can be considering reserving the feature for its potential subscription service: what is a better bait than a "keep yourself out of trouble" button? Twitter, however, has not stated if the feature will be limited to paying customers. Probably, it is not far enough along in development for that decision to have been concluded yet. 

The undo tweet stops a tweet from being posted at all. The delete button merely deletes it once it is already on the page. 

Some of the other potential options of the premium subscription include custom colors or badges to embellish your profile. There will also possibly be creator-facing tools such as Super Follows that would let Twitter users charge their followers for exclusive content access.

Twitter has also unveiled options referred to as Tremendous Follows and Communities in a presentation for analysts and buyers. 

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