An Iraq rocket attack hit the coalition base and killed civilians during the assault. This comes after hostilities came about from the occupation.

Bases Housing Coalition Forces Struck by Suspected Iraq Rocket Attack

A U.S. coalition base got hit by ten unknown rockets that took them multi-national forces. Last year a similar attack happened, but the perpetrator was not identified conclusively.

The attack in western Iraq, according to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), was one of the confirmed deaths of a US civilian contractor due to a heart attack. It was not caused by direct attacks by rockets reported BBC.

A month ago, a similar assault by rockets in northern Iraq took the life of a Filipino contractor and injured a US service member. One of the suspected militants is the Iran-backed Shia militias.

The U.S. sent F-15 E Strike Eagles that destroyed their facilities. Iran has been marked for retaliation by the Trump administration.

The strikes were called a warning to let adversaries, like Iran, stand down or more strikes will follow. Sources say that Iraq's paramilitary Popular Mobilisation force was made up of Shia militia groups. They said the US should expect more retaliation to come.

One of the most immediate concerns for violence in this part of the world is the planned visit of Pope Francis. The pope is pushing for it to continue on Friday despite the danger to himself because of cancellations caused by security concerns. Concerns that security issues cannot be resolved are tantamount to keeping the pope safe during the visit.

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In Anbar Province, the Coalition based at the Al Asad airbase assists the Iraqi security forces. A continuing operation against the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) is still causing problems in Iraq.

Col. Wayne Marotto said that 10 rockets hit inaccurately the targeted facility at 07:20 local time (04:20 GMT) last Wednesday. Iraqi forces report that the attack was launched from the Al-Baghdadi area about 8km (5 miles) to the north-east.

According to sources, they were Iranian-made 122mm Arash artillery rockets used in the rocket assault. Western security forces determined the attack. The DOD of the United States added they are not sure how severe the attack is.

DOD statement read that assisting Iraq regarding the incident is investigated. The relatives of the deceased were given condolences. Countries like Denmark and UK included in the coalition condemned the evil intent of the perpetrators. No militants were identified positively by western intel; one group is suspected to be Shia militia that wants all coalition forces to exit Iraq and made attacks on westerners in 2020.

A small group called the Saraya Awliyaa al-Dam (Guardians of the Blood Brigades) claimed it attacked Irbil International Airport last month. One Filipino died and six others hurt including one Louisiana National Guard soldier, and four American contractors.

U.S. officials doubt it is one of Shia militias' fronts, with strikes on them that destroyed their facilities. The U.S. DOD thinks these groups will increase attacks in the coming days with the Iraq Rocket Attack.

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