After being asked whether he will be pursuing another shot at the presidency, former President Donald Trump repeatedly dodged questions regarding his future political plans. He emphasized that it is too early to say.

Trump Dodges Questions Regarding His Plans for 2024

Despite the effort of Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly, pinning Trump down on the 2024 possibility question on three occasions, the former president just consistently demurred. According to The Hill, former President Trump emphasized that it is too early to say but he had seen numerous great polls recently.

Trump also added that they have tremendous support and he will not say if he will be running again but since he appreciates the support that he is getting, he is just looking at the poll numbers which for him are through the roof, there is a possibility of him running. Also, Trump emphasized that he is the only guy who gets impeached and his numbers go up in the polls.

After leaving the White House about a month ago and went almost totally invisible in the public eye, Trump emerged for a string of interviews on Wednesday as he paid tribute to Rush Limbaugh, a conservative talk radio host, who died at the age of 70, USA TODAY reported.

Even though staying at a low profile, the former President has shaken Washington on Tuesday after he released a statement wherein he torched Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). He vowed to back primary challenges against establishment Republicans which he viewed as weak and loyal.

The remarks of Trump came after the Senate Minority leader had blasted Trump at the conclusion of the impeachment trial. McConnell stated that the former President was morally and practically responsible for the January 6 Capitol siege.

On Wednesday, Trump mentioned in his retaliation that Republicans are soft and they are only hitting if it is their own. He then mentioned the Senate Minority leader. Trump also stated that if McConnell will be spending the same time hitting Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer [D-N.Y.] and President Joe Biden, the Republicans will be much better off.

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During his interview with Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly, Trump also grabbed the opportunity and took aim at Biden for the statement during a town hall on Tuesday. He said that his predecessor had not done enough in terms of effectively distributing the coronavirus vaccine and suggested that there was no vaccine when he took office.

Trump shared during the interview that it is either Biden not telling the truth or he is already mentally gone. On the other hand, the former president also stated that he is now looking at a lot of different possibilities and ways of returning to social media after he was banned by multiple social media platforms, Forbes reported.

The former President was banned by Facebook then followed by Twitter. Trump also shared that he will see what will happen since they are already negotiating with numerous individuals regarding the other possible options. He then shared the possibility of building his own site to avoid any future ban.

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