In Olympia, Washington, thousands of President Trumps' supporters back his claims of massive voter fraud and electoral misconduct in the recently concluded 2020 US Presidential Elections through protests and rallies that ended up violently. Shots were fired, and people were detained.

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A week after the results of the 2020 US Presidential Elections were announced, several counter-protests were planned and went down. There was an 11 AM "RE-Open WA" rally, a "Stop the Steal" parade with a rally at noon, and a "BLM: Washington vs. Fascism" counter-protest scheduled for last Saturday.

Come Saturday, President Trumps' supporters and members of the Proud Boys assembled at Washington's State Capitol along with leftist counter-protesters. Throughout Saturday, the protests were generally peaceful.

Not until late afternoon, when the opposing groups, Proud Boys and Black Bloc, run into each other in Olympia. It didn't take long for their followers to confront each other, as seen in the video taken by local reporter Shauna Sowersby. She said protesters supporting the president threw paintballs and smoke bombs into the street. A gun was fired by a Proud Boy, hitting a counter-protester, before Olympia police secured the area.

Further, as Sowersby was following the protest, she tweeted, "one person from the Trump supporters and Proud Boys group trying to throw down in a fight with one particular counter-protestor. WSP stands by, forming a line between groups and the legislative building. 

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Outside the Capitol, one speaker said to a group of Trump supporters and others who are dressed in riot gear, "It makes me feel good seeing all these patriots here ready to fight for our nation. Hopefully, it doesn't come to it...well, I don't know about that. Hopefully, it does come to it."

Then, fights erupted. Independent Media reports, first fight breaks out between Back the blue / stop the steal protesters and Portland / Washington counter-protesters. Olympia Police were standing by as unlawful assembly declared.

An alleged member of the Proud Boys was reportedly arrested for pointing his gun at Portland/ Washington counter-protesters. While at the same time, law enforcement from Olympia Police is seen firing flash-bang for crowd control munitions at apparent counter-protesters, Antifa members lined up in the middle of the street.

During the protests, a man wearing all black was seen brandishing a handgun and fired a shot. He then puts on a red hat and flees the scene. Olympia police and WSP have secured the area and have found one spent casing, a live round, and some IED.

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The same man appears to be on the ground near 10th and Columbia. He was being arrested and hogtied by the Olympia Police Department officers and Washington State Troopers.

Spokesperson Chris Loftis for Washington State Patrol confirmed the shooting to the Seattle Times. Loftis said, "Suspect detained." And added, "No information confirmed on the victim or any injury status."

"Fluid situation with two groups of size, both including heavily armed individuals," Loftis said about the protest.

Previous Saturday, there was also a riot between "Back the Blue" supporters and Black Bloc members in Olympia last Saturday.