Most Republican and Democrat voters would like a second stimulus bill to be approved by the end of 2020, considering millions of Americans facing unemployment and deep rent arrears.

Second Stimulus Deal

According to a new poll from Data for Progress and Vox, 81 percent of all voters either strongly or quite agree that Congress needs to pass a second COVID-19 relief bill before 2020 concludes.

The fate of a second stimulus check is associated with that of a new novel coronavirus relief package. Right now, anything is possible with either one. Since last week, a surge of counterproposals and proposals have disarranged the already turbid situation with new and varied approaches to direct payments and a coronavirus rescue package, reported CNET.

An emerging $900 billion COVID-19 aid package from a bipartisan team of lawmakers has crumbled after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated Republican senators would not support $160 billion in state and local funds as part of a probable trade-off in the negotiation, reported 6 ABC.

McConnell's staff announced to top negotiators on Thursday that he sees no point of agreement on a key aspect of the lawmakers' existing proposal -- a slenderized version of the liability shield the GOP leader is looking for companies and organizations facing probable COVID-19 lawsuits -- in exchange for the local and state funds that Democrats would like.

Congressional leaders are barely talking while renegade centrists are attempting to cut a deal that Republicans do not want. President Donald Trump's prime focus is on overturning the presidential election.

These exhibit that Washington is broken: at the height of a global health crisis while the White House and Congress are grappling with delivering another round of relief, reported Politico.

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Congress remains to be grappling with agreeing on a second stimulus deal. However, support for getting one done has only mounted. It is still not made clear whether lawmakers will reach an agreement this December.

Now that a bipartisan team of senators has issued the framework for its $908 billion proposal for economic relief, the concern is approving a new bill before the end of 2020. The proposal does not involve a second stimulus check for qualified United States citizens right now. However, the end product could change, as a growing group in Washington is calling for another direct payment this 2020, either as part of a cohesive package and as a standalone bill.

Congress seeks to extend government funding for an additional week as lawmakers make efforts to obtain spending and COVID-19 relief packages, according to Republican and Democratic leaders.

The decision to prolong comes as lawmakers dash to reach an agreement on a broad appropriations plan and a package to bolster the health care system and the economy as sustained COVID-19 cases surge and inflict stresses on hospitals across the United States. Congressional leaders earlier indicated they would like to tie aid allocations to a funding proposal.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell earlier declined a proposed bipartisan COVID-19 stimulus package on Tuesday during months of congressional inaction on recuperating from the economic damage from the pandemic.

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