Once again, it's one of the most beautiful times that we celebrate every year as the colors of leaves change. Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving will truly be different as many may not be able to come home to celebrate it with their families with sumptuous food and drinks we only prepare during this occasion.

Before you settle in and watch your Thanksgiving movie marathon with your loved ones, it wouldn't be complete without the classic Thanksgiving dinner with your family.

To get that Thanksgiving vibe, our table must be popping with top Thanksgiving food we know, and we've listed which one should not be missing.

Roasted Turkey

On top of our list is everyone's favorite, the turkey. The main dish we should never miss out on this delicious, or your Thanksgiving year celebration will not be complete. Roast it right (Use lots of butter if you may) and save the sauces to add more flavor, design, and smell to your high plate. 

Mashed potato 

Load up your carbs with these easiest to prepare perfectly creamed mashed taters. You can also do it the way you want your spuds, peeled or unpeeled, mixed potatoes or not, top it with butter right after. Try to add something more like shredded cheese, bacon bits, no problem!


This might be a condiment to all, but your turkey and mashed potato will not be complete without your perfect gravy. You can even have it by itself because, as they say, it's the most versatile sauce on your Thanksgiving table.

Classic Herb Stuffing

Now, how about it? Not rice, not plain bread, the classic cubed bread stuffing, the one with sautéed celery and onion in lots of butter. Do not even think of replacing it or your Thanksgiving feast is the dullest of them all.

Cranberry sauce 

Believe me, the 10-minutes to make homemade cranberry sauce is always the best! Its texture will always be right for the occasion! I will surely put them on my Thanksgiving dinner plate even if there is no room for it. No more time to make it on the day? Don't worry, make it ahead up to a week in advance.

Apple Pie 

We are American, and every American, young or old, surely knows how to make one, right?! Your Thanksgiving dessert table deserves to have that American touch, too, so put the classic apple pie on top!

Mac and Cheese 

Yeah, Moms, we heard your kids. Children got to get their adequate space at the Thanksgiving buffet table, and what's best for them? It will always be the creamiest mac and cheese.

Low and behold, don't be grumpy on Thanksgiving Day and put in your best effort to make every Thanksgiving celebration an excellent memory to remember. Never miss out on those Thanksgiving menu musts, but you can always add more. Remember, Thanksgiving Day is also a celebration of family love,