On November 10, the chief election officer of Pennsylvania announced that around 10,000 ballots were received between the close of polls on Election Day, November 3, and the evening of November 6.

The number is deemed too small to know Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's margin of victory in the battleground state.

Late ballots

Around 10,000 mail ballots are at the center of a case in front of the Supreme Court that President Donald Trump and his supporters have pushed for as they move forward with a broader strategy, and it may support their cases filed regarding voter fraud.

The case is the most prominent current lawsuit backed by President Trump, as he seeks to know the truth behind Joe Biden's victory, according to Chicago Tribune.

President Trump and his allies in the Congress and Senate have claimed widespread election fraud and is currently being investigated by Attorney General Bill Barr.

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In Pennsylvania, mail ballots are usually due by the close of polls on Election Day, regardless of when they were postmarked.

The state Supreme Court then extended the deadline in the state following a lawsuit backed by the Democrats, citing issues like the coronavirus pandemic and deliverability problems within the U.S Postal Service.

Republicans sought to know the truth and to challenge the decision of the state Supreme Court by forwarding it to the U.S Supreme Court, according to MSN.

The U.S Supreme Court first deadlocked, with 4-4 votes in October, on an emergency plea to block the state Supreme Court extension.

The court then declined to take another action shortly before the presidential elections but gave the option to return after the election to decide.

Just last week, Justice Samuel Alito ordered that those ballots that arrived late should be segregated, but he said that they could still be counted if they were counted separately.

Provisional ballots

According to Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar, there were 94,000 provisional ballots issued to the voters at the polls throughout Pennsylvania on Election Day. Provisional ballots were then cast when there is a question about the eligibility of the voter.

The qualifications are then checked after the election, and the ballot is not counted if the voter is ineligible, so not all 94,000 ballots will be counted.

The counties have done a fantastic job counting a record number of mail ballots and are now canvassing the provisional ballots. Each provisional ballots must be considered individually, according to Boockvar.

Boockvar added that millions of people in Pennsylvania voted and is proud of the election officials and poll workers who worked amid the pandemic.

On November 9, around 11 Republican state attorneys general stated that the Pennsylvania state Supreme Court's order had violated the Constitution.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, who led one of the two briefings, said at a news conference on November 9 that the power is granted explicitly to state legislatures to direct the time, place, manner, and frameworks for the state's election, as reported by StlToday.

Schmitt added that the state Supreme Court had overstepped their bounds and encroached on the legislature's authority.

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