Best Japanese restaurants in America are not hard to come by; they may be even closer than you think. If you are craving sushi and other Japanese food, there are places that you can visit that will give you an authentic experience.

These authentic restaurants can make you feel like you've just traveled half-way around the world. If Japanese cuisine is your comfort food, then you are in luck.

Best Japanese restaurants in America

Here are some of the best Japanese places in the country that serves delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine:

Hashiri in San Francisco, California

Hashiri is not the type of place that you will visit on a whim. It may be costly and seen as a highbrow restaurant; it is known for its fresh fish and exquisite meals.

If you wish to visit Hashiri, you need to prepare to spend quite a bit of money, but it is all worth it, especially if you are a sushi fan. They import fish from a Tokyo market, and their dishes change depending on the season.

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The food is served and curated with refined Kyoto. The restaurant also serves rare sakes or wines to complete your meal.

Fort St. George in Seattle, Washington

Fort St. George has a relaxing setting and is a block away from the light rail station, so it is easy to get to. If you love Japanese food, then these restaurants should be added to your bucket list. Fort St. George is known for serving delicious Japanese food.

The menu is filled with exciting options. They take pride in serving everything from pasta to curry and other dishes. Fort St. George and Maekawa Bar merged their offers into a single restaurant so you can have the best of both worlds. Their ramen is a must-try.

Uni in Boston, Massachusetts

Uni is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Boston. They use fresh seafood from Tokyo's Tsukiji market and local fishermen. The culinary meals in this restaurant are infused with the creativity and passion of Chefs Tony Messina and Ken Oringer.

The restaurant adapts to innovations and used meals known on the streets of Shanghai, Bangladesh, and Singapore into their menu. You can order their rock shrimp, foie gras, tuna, and the sashimi.

Sushi Yasuda in New York City, New York

Since 1999, Sushi Yasuda has conquered the market on Japanese food in New York City. This means that they are one of the best and can beat numerous other restaurants in the area. Their creative expression, authenticity, and delicious dishes made them stand out, and it can be seen through their sushi-making.

This minimalist restaurant helps its customers focus on the various flavors of the food. The fish they use is flown from Japan, and it is served on the bamboo settings.

Uchi in Austin, Texas

Uchi serves contemporary Japanese food. You can enjoy dishes both hot and cold, so if you do not like eating raw sashimi or sushi, you can choose from their other savory dishes.

Chef Tyson Cole has won awards for his various takes on Japanese food. People travel from all across the country to dine in Uchi. Make sure to make your reservations.

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