Looming tensions between India and China is going south as both armies are logger heading in the highlands of the Himalayas. The Indian Force will be using transport airlifters for supplies and equipment for the frontline forces stationed there.

 As the powder keg, Ladakh border gets worse with the Chinese pushing their weight for more territory. The Indian government is ready if the border skirmishes will devolve into a full-blown conflict with China, reported Eurasian times.

One of the crucial operations is countering whatever the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) can throw at their front lines.

 Things are not looking good for the Indian Army, as the PLA is packing troops and equipment in the Line of Actual Control (LAC), sending armor and artillery with other military hardware. Likewise, India deployed P-8 Neptunes for intelligence sweeps on the ground and in the air.

 According to the Indian Army and Air Force, they are preparing for the worst if war does break out. Commanders of the Army and Air Force with the senior officers in the Chief of Defence Staff will be leading the military should it happen. This was reported by the Indian Defense Times. One of the missions of the Indian Air Force (IAF) is to keep the supply of food and other needs of the army coming. It includes the security forces as well as other logistics as well.

India has equipped its forces with American Chinooks and the AH-64 Apache close support armored helicopter is deployed to the LAC. Chinooks are heavy lifting dual rotorcraft that ferry troops and equipment as needed there.

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Armored Apaches will be the vanguard of the troops by taking out Chinese main battle tanks (MBT) with uranium depleted shells and AGM Hellfire. The helicopter was for land battles with the former Soviet Union. China has a similar helicopter to the AH-64. It is doubtful if it can outperform the Longbow version.

Other hardware used by the Indian Military are transport planes that are on the Leh airfield. Some of the heavy lifters are the biggest military planes used today by modern air forces. One of them is Russian-origin Ilyushin-76s, the soviet workhorse.

 Another is the C-17 Globemaster, one of the biggest planes used by the U.S. Military. Last is the C-130J Super Hercules which has even been armed with support fire for troops but is mostly used for airlift and supply missions. But, they are in danger of running into faster Chinese fighters.

Both the Indian Army and IAF are coordinating their status and their resources like the ground positions to know whatever goes down in the Himalayan highlands. Whatever happens on the front, the joint operations will always be updated.

As the Chinese PLA holds sway on the Ladakh border and some of its sector, there have been talks to dial down the heating tension but the Chinese refuse to budge from its place. India has fortified its position and beefed up the front line with no plans to back down which makes the IAF transport airlifters crucial as it keep forces supplied for the worst.

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