Washington, DC - Chief of Staff in White House Mark Meadows shared that the Trump administration is "optimistic" that the United States President will have his return to the White House on Monday after spending a number of days recovering at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for COVID-19.

According to Fox News, the White House Chief of Staff also mentioned that the health of the US president improved in just overnight and said that Trump is ready to get back to his normal working schedule.

Meadows also stated that the president will be meeting his doctors and nurses in order to check the assessments and the progress that he is exhibiting.

He also shared that he was able to talk to the president and Trump stated that he will be back soon in his normal working schedule.

In his conclusion, Meadows also mentioned that they are optimistic that the US president will be returning to the White House later that day after it will be determined by his attending medical professionals.

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The comments of meadows came after the president trying to project a strong image in his stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center fighting against coronavirus.

Over the last few days, Trump has faced health scares while battling against COVID-19, wherein during his stay at the medical facility he experienced a sudden drop in his Blood oxygen level.

As a response to the sudden change in Trump's Blood oxygen level, attending doctors of the president treats him with a dose of the steroid dexamethasone.

According to the White House physician, Dr. Sean Conley, who also served as the personal physician of trump, a normal blood oxygen reading is only between 95 and 100 but on Friday Trump experienced a high fever while his blood oxygen level is below 94% and exhibited another episode on Saturday, Yahoo! News reported.

Despite the previous results showed by Trump, members of the medical team of Trump shared that they have been encouraged by the recent energy and progress that the president displayed, which can also be a signal that he is ready to be discharged from the medical facility on Monday.

On Sunday, the US president took a short trip outside the medical facility in order to greet his supporters who gathered outside the hospital.

But despite the good intention of the president, his short motorcade visit was criticized as some are saying that it could jeopardize the health of the member of the United States Secret Service because of the photo-op.

In response to the criticisms received by the administration regarding the brief motorcade, Judd Deere, the White House Deputy Press Secretary shared in a statement that appropriate precautions were taken during the execution of this movement in order to protect not only the President but also all of those who supported it, including PPE.

Deere also mentioned that movement was cleared and considered as safe by Trump's medical team.

The US president has received doses of Remdesivir, as part of his medication, which is an antiviral drug that has been approved by the US FDA in order to treat COVID-19.

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