A tabloid has recently published an article about the weight of actress Angelina Jolie. According to the tabloid, National Enquirer, the actress is doing a hunger strike over her ongoing divorce proceedings with ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie down to 99 pounds?

According to the National Enquirer, the actress is intentionally starving herself to force Brad Pitt to cave to her child custody demands.

The actress is said to be refusing food in a self-imposed pity party and is allegedly only eating handfuls of grains and nuts. The tabloid claims she is hoping Pitt will cave when he sees how unhealthy she is.

The tabloid also claims that they spoke to a nutrition expert who allegedly said that Jolie's weight is dangerously low and explained why it could be a bad thing for the actress.

The article goes on to rehash the state of the divorce case and adds that the actress is also down in the dumps after Pitt was spotted with model Nicole Poturalaski.

The tabloid finishes the article by quoting a "longevity expert" who says that losing weight could hurt her immune system and increasing her chance of "developing COVID-19."

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The truth

The article about Jolie's weight is not true. National Enquirer says that the doctors quoted in the article have not treated the actress. However, doctors who have not treated a patient are not qualified to talk about the health of the patient.

Attached to the controversial article is an unflattering picture of a skinny-looking Jolie. The photograph is from the premiere of "First They Killed My Father" back in 2017.

The use of the outdated photo makes the tabloid more unreliable since they are supposedly reporting what is happening to the actress right now.

There is no other news site or gossip site that reported about Jolie's alleged hunger strike. National Enquirer is the only one who published about the actress's current weight of "99 pounds" and how she's doing it to pressure ex-husband Brad Pitt into giving her full custody of their children.

The site Gossip Cop busted the story and pointed out that fake tabloids always attack Jolie for her weight. Tabloids published articles about her alleged eating disorder, her health crisis over Pitt, and starvation.

The story is harmful and sexist in the sense that it downplays eating disorders, which is a serious condition, and that it insists that Jolie will go to that length just for Pitt.

The divorce proceedings of the two A-list Hollywood stars led to a lot of fake stories from tabloids. National Enquirer claimed in the past that the actress was trying to prevent Pitt from seeing his children by manufacturing scheduling conflicts.

The divorce apparently caused Jolie to swear off men. The tabloid also claimed that Jolie is fueled to win the custody battle, not because she wants to raise their children but because she wants to get revenge.

Another story stated that the actress went on a hunger strike when Pitt allegedly met with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, making her play the jealous and petty ex-wife, an archetype that is sexist.

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