Demanding apology for what he referred to as a "reckless" rhetoric against vaccination, United States President Donald Trump called out his rival on the presidency, Joe Biden, and running mate Kamala Harris for allegedly undermining the confidence of the public on the coronavirus vaccine that is being developed, Monday.

At the same time, Trump once again hinted that a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused the pandemic, may possibly come before the US Presidential election on November 3.

Moreover, Trump stated that the comments from Biden and Harris are very dangerous and could cause people to not trust vaccines. The president also assured everyone that once a vaccine is developed, it will be safe and effective, The Hill reported.

Trump's comments came after vice presidential hopeful, Harris, stated that she does not trust the president's word that the vaccine is effective and safe, especially if it comes before the election.

On top of this, Biden also called for transparency on Monday, stating that scientific facts and information about the ongoing trials of the potential vaccine be released.

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The vaccine becomes the center point of the presidential bid

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention has already cautioned the government to avoid red tapes which may lead to the prevention of the operations of various vaccine distribution centers before the election. The statements came as experts expressed skepticism on the possibility of a vaccine trial to be completed by the end of this year.

The possibility of a vaccine before the election has also become one of the main focus of the presidential polls. Trump has stated that with a potential vaccine possibly coming before the election, his political rivals have become unnerved.

In addition, reported that Trump stated that his rivals are trying to disparage the vaccine as the numbers have become unbelievably strong and good for him. Trump claimed that Biden and Harris' statements are "bad for the world."

The President also took a swipe at Harris saying that the drop on her numbers is proof that she will never be elected as president in the future.

The comments from Trump were also triggered by Harris' statements saying that some experts are being suppressed and sidelined due to Trump's foresight of the upcoming election which is in less than 60 days. Thus, she stated that the president is already grasping at anything he can just to prove that he was a good leader amid the pandemic.

The row on the vaccines comes as recent polls show that 4 out of 10 Americans stated that they would not avail the COVID-19 vaccine, even if its for free due to rampant public distrust. This also comes with only 40% of citizens expressing confidence in Trump's claims about the vaccine, the response of the government to the pandemic, and the virus.

Aside from the arguments regarding the vaccine, Trump also faced another controversy which involves him being accused of mouthing disapproving remarks towards the soldiers from the US who have been captured and killed in Action.

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