On Monday, China analyst Gordon Chang said that the United States should not associate itself with China, which he called was a hostile regime that is developing its military to kill off Americans.

During an interview, Chang said he supports United States President Donald Trump's plan of completely severing economic and trade ties between the US and China. The analyst noted that the move was an "absolutely good idea."

Specialized to kill Americans

According to Fox News, Chang told Bill Hemmer was preparing and training its military to be capable of killing Americans whenever it deemed necessary. He added that the US should not be enriching the authoritative country by dealing with trade or investment.

The analyst's statement comes after the Pentagon recently reported that claimed China is preparing to double its stored nuclear warheads within the next ten years. The plan includes warheads designed for ballistic missiles that are capable of reaching the US.

Chang said that Chinese President Xi Jinping's perspective is that China has been given a heavenly mandate to conquer the world. The analyst said the authoritative leader has continued to increase activities to further his agenda, believing he is obliged to rule.

The analyst added President Xi has openly expressed his plans to extend his rule to the public, along with his officials, showing his attempts to revise the international system instead of competing within it.

He also cautioned that the Chinese government is taking full advantage of the coronavirus pandemic and the effects it has had on the world's economy and environment. The author of "The Coming Collapse of China" added Xi has a limited timeframe to utilize the opportunity to his favor.

Chang also warned that China has the belief that it needs to act immediately, prompting the United States to see the resulting consequences sooner rather than in the 2030s, as reported by Flixwor.

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Cutting economic and trade ties

During an interview in August, President Trump has expressed his plans of potentially cutting economic and trade ties with China amid rising tensions between the two countries over several international issues.

The Republican said that China had been the proprietor of one of the world's most infamous rip-offs, saying America has lost hundreds of billions of dollars from the authoritative nation that has not given anything back.

The past few months have seen the rise in international arguments between the US and China, one reason for which is the disputed area in the South China Sea. Beijing has, for years, continued to claim the territory as its own despite laws stating otherwise.

The US government has responded by sanctioning 24 Chinese firms that have continued to operate within the disputed waters, five of which are subsidiaries of China Communications Construction Co. (CCCC).

The State Department also denied visas for many Chinese executives that the agency believes have ties to the companies operating in the region.

The orders follow the announcement of the US government that denies China's claims to the territories. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed that the decision was made to maintain international law.

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