For a feat, a U.S. self-propelled howitzer was able to shoot down a cruise missile with an artillery shell that goes Mach-5 for the first time. This application of old-style artillery as a missile buster gives a cost-effective solution for base protection.

This opens a scenario of air force bases (AFBs) bristling all over Western Pacific bases whose job is to take out incoming missiles. It allows aircraft to take off and land onto AFBs without getting shot down.

The location of the test is the White Sands missile range in New Mexico last Wednesday.

Used for live firing is an M-109A6 Paladin tracked howitzer that shot a 155-millimeter hypervelocity shell at a target drone. The target was hit, and it is a successful test of the artillery piece, reported Forbes.

 According to Will Roper, a scientist for the U.S. Air Force, it is described like playing a video game. Unbelievable.

 This system uses projectiles for air defense in a two-day trial of a system the Air Force is placing under development. It is called the Advanced Battle Management System, which is a kind of AI that makes use of sources like satellites, F-35s, F-22s, ground radar arrays, and blimps that paint targets electronically.

 It will be part of the digital battlefield that will identify who is a friend or not. The data will give targets to all available units from what is available resource. All the commander needs to do is pick from a menu, choosing what weapon can knock it out. 

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ABMS is everything that the USAF wants and is betting on giving up command planes to get money to pay for the system. But the stumbling block is congress that is not inclined to fork out the money to develop the system, though USAF has all faith in its success.

It just killed a missile, something that China will be sending in droves.

Unfortunately, the U.S. has not been developing its artillery systems for years. Only of late has the Army been improving all its artillery and rocket launchers. Improved artillery will be used in a land war with Russia, and for it to be used in island hopping if China becomes warlike.

Howitzers taking out Chinese ICBMs, ASBMs this might be the best option yet and strike China in the jugular. The CCP has insurance of 1,300 rockets and cruise missiles that has America in its crosshairs, ready to rumble on American bases in the pacific. AFBs in Okinawa will target because China cannot compete with U.S. air superiority.

 American air wings on carrier strike groups can hammer Chinese bases.

In Okinawa, there is Patriot air to air missiles and the THAAD (Terminal High-Altitude Area-Defense) with a longer range in Guam. Both Patriot and THAAD will kill Chinese ICBMS and ASBMs, Patriot will attack lows speed and low altitude cruise missiles.

One problem is how much can be spent for every missile and rocket needed by the army. Another is can every single one of China's can be matched, which is another concern. 

Consider the BAE Systems' super-aerodynamic, precision-guided hypervelocity projectile that has a range of 100 miles. This is better than a THAAD or patriot and it will cost tax-payers less, at a price of $86.000. 

BAE claims that a howitzer firing it can take out an ICBM but that's another set of tests.

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