United States President Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, will be traveling to Pennsylvania on Friday to begin her campaign, supporting her father's re-election and continued presidency.

Ivanka is Trump's eldest daughter and is a senior adviser in the White House. She will be joining a fireside chat set to be conducted in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, this coming Friday afternoon.

Trump's continued campaign

The president's daughter said that Pennsylvania represented the heart of America and expressed her gratitude to be able to visit the iconic state once again.

According to Fox News, Ivanka said that Pennsylvania citizens knew that Trump has continuously fought in support of their state for the last three years and has since delivered on his promises, which include the USMCA, tax cuts, and providing security for essential manufacturing jobs.

Ivanka added that Trump would continue to support his programs and fight for them to ensure that Americans have access to better opportunities for the next four years if he gets re-elected.

A Trump campaign official said that the event was political in nature and was not intended to raise funds. Last month, the personnel also said that Ivanka had successfully raised $7 million for her father's campaign by conducting two fundraisers. The events were hosted on Zoom and a Wyoming fireside chat.

The campaign official told reporters that Trump planned to make stops on the campaign trail between now and when elections will be held.

Ivanka's visit to the state of Pennsylvania comes after her address, which was made on the last night of the Republican National Convention (RNC), which was held last week. The senior adviser proudly considered her father as the president of the people who were not concerned with pleasing "Beltway elites."

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Ally of American workers

The president's daughter also called her father the "champion of the American worker" who, as the country's leader, defended common sense and was the voice of men and women of the nation that have been forgotten by others, as reported by MSN.

The senior adviser later went on to address her father's personality, which she said was filled with strong convictions and that he was honest with what he believes and always expressed what was on his mind.

Ivanka noted that whether someone was a supporter of Trump or another presidential candidate, no one can deny that he always expresses himself clearly and consistently shows his plans and intentions.

The president's daughter said that her father's way of communicating is not taken well by everyone and that his social media posts are unfiltered. Despite the disagreements, she said that Trump's results speak for themselves.

She continued to say that Trump has been unapologetic of his beliefs and methods and had her and the American people what the United States and its citizens stand for.

During her speech, Ivanka also said that she and several others want to bring a future where children can continue to believe in American greatness.

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