"All I know is a simple name and...everything has changed"

Taylor Swift has taken the world by storm since the release of her first album until the present. She has transitioned from being a country artist to a pop sensation. Her music has also changed through the years, yet one thing has stayed the same, she still manages to tell wonderful stories through her songs.

The Taylor that people met 14 years ago is very different from the Taylor that people loves now. Here's how Taylor Swift's music has evolved over the years.

2006 - Self-Titled Album "Taylor Swift"

In 2004, 14-year-old Taylor Swift moved to Nashville in order to pursue her passion and dream of becoming a country music artist. After two years, she released her self-titled album which earned the 5th spot in the Billboard 200 charts, US Magazine cited.

With songs life, like "Teardrops on My Guitar" and "Our Song" became the anthem of young girls and even boys who fell in love. Thus, giving a brand to the name Taylor Swift.

2008 - "Fearless"

Two years after the release of her first album, Taylor released a 13-track album called "Fearless," where Taylor co-wrote all the songs.

It was in "Fearless" that Taylor became known as one of the greatest storytellers of her age as songs like "Love Story," "Fifteen," and "You Belong With Me." In these songs, we met Juliet, Abigail, and Stephen who all had great stories to tell, which became better with Taylor's country music.

Fearless also pave the way for Taylor's first-ever concert tour from 2009-2010.

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2010-"Speak Now"

Taylor Swift has been notorious in writing about her past relationships. In the album "Speak Now," songs like "Dear John" and " Back to December" which were claimed to be dedicated to her exes John Mayer and Taylor Lautner, respectively.

In the album, Taylor still lived up to her label as a great storyteller, however, this time she sang more about real-life experiences rather than fairytales. Which showed how Taylor like her music has transitioned from a teenager who believed in "Romeo and Juliet" to a young woman who has experienced that love doesn't always have a happy ending.

2012 - "Red"

On her fourth studio album, Taylor featured 16 songs including one she collaborated with Ed Sheeran. The Album Red also led to another tour named after the album. During its debut, it was noted that Red sold, two albums in every second.

2014 - "1989"

This album marked T.Swift's transition from country to pop. "1989" derived from the year she was born, Taylor confronted several things including how she believes the media sees her in her hit song "Blank Space."

2017 - "Reputation"

Reputation became a controversial album as it featured a fierce Taylor who did not hold back into addressing the drama that has happened throughout her career. Through her songs, Taylor faced the issues that her reputation has suffered through the years.


In 2019, Taylor released the album "Lover." The album discussed the joy of being in love as Taylor once again showed her story-telling prowess through her songs.

2020 - "Folklore"

While the world is plagued by a health crisis, Taylor Swift dropped a bombshell on July 23, 2020. That bomb was an album called "Folklore." The album came out of nowhere, but according to Taylor she wrote the album while thinking about her dreams, fears, and musings, Medium reported.

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