Many of us hold dear memories of our respective camping experiences during summertime with our own narratives to tell. If you are up to camping again amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ensure that you are informed regarding appropriate travel protocol during a pandemic first.

Travel and travel planning have been interrupted across the globe due to the prevalence of the novel coronavirus. Travelers are advised to steer clear of unimportant cruise ship and air travel.

Camping could be the ultimate resort as summer's top vacation plan upon the dismantling of the hospitality industry along with demands for vigilance regarding social distancing. Camping offers numerous perks, so consider venturing the great outdoors and experience a disconnection from the traditional bustling lifestyle and human interaction.

Infectious illness experts surmise that there is no definite timetable for the halting of the prevalence of the coronavirus, reported Bu.

The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) is currently communicating with government officials to elevate parks and campgrounds as temporary lodging for travelers due to essential work and permanent residences for the public.

"Would it be an issue to car camp and travel if the only contact you would have is with a gas pump?" a reader of Outside posed.

The advice indicated in the website asserts to not travel beyond the local community. One must abide by the precautionary measures for venturing outdoors and camping during the COVID-19 pandemic. If they have access to open and legal areas to camp within that community, they could undertake a camping trip in close proximity to home.

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Meanwhile, camping at home could translate to a caravan in the driveway, a backyard tent, or a simple affair as a homemade cubby in your family's living room, reported Racq Living.

According to Keelan Howard of the Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA), staying steadfastly positive and holding to a semblance of normalcy in our daily lives is more essential amid this challenging advent in our times.

"Camping offers so many benefits to our health both physically and mentally, and these benefits can still be enjoyed from your own home."

According to Forbes, camping reservations on sites including Pitchup had increased to 350%. The North of Highland Camping Area considers 2020 as their most bustling summer since history.

The public is taking refuge in the great outdoors which has proven to be more favorable than the hustle and bustle of hotel accommodations. They are taking respite in tents, cabins, RVs, and cottages.

Due to the sectioned spaces of units, campgrounds and RV parks are more suitable to allocate social distancing. Camping places that offer grocery services, propane, and other food services, are pinpointed as vital business services.

The springtime weather is gorgeous and social distancing may convey resorting to the mountains. However, infectious illness expert Cora Neumann, who is advising Montana's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, underscored vigilance when camping.

On the subject of camping during the COVID-19 pandemic, she underscored, "But we must remember that all of us could be carriers. Until we have universal testing and/or a vaccine for COVID-19, we must continue to practice vigilant hygiene, wear masks in public, and continue social distancing. As we saw in Shelby, one mistake at a gas pump or store could have a devastating impact on a remote community."

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