Deceased sexual abuser Jeffrey Epstein's long-time confidant Ghislaine Maxwell claims she has secret footage of the royal family's Prince Andrew and wishes to cooperate with prosecutors, she said in an interview with one of the prince's distant relatives.

Royal trouble?

According to The New York Post, Christina Oxenberg, the former colleague of Maxwell, revealed the arrested accomplice of Epstein used to brag about their sexual endeavors and revealed they would secretly record the activities on video.

Allegedly, the royal family's Prince Andrew, a friend of the accused couple, was included in the list of perpetrators and sexual abusers recorded on tape.

In an interview, Oxenberg revealed that the prince was among several men involved in the sexual activities that the couple offered by abusing young girls they enticed into their ring. She also noted that Maxwell never thought of the prince as her friends as friends do not take secret footage of each other.

Oxenberg is the daughter of Yugoslavia's Princess Elizabeth and is Prince Andrew's second cousin. She revealed that she came into contact with Epstein and Maxwell couple in the early 1990s and stated she would meet with them on several occasions.

The princess also claimed that Maxwell previously approached her in 1997 and offered to ghostwrite her autobiography, an offer she said she refused.

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The Yugoslavian princess believes Maxwell would work with authorities by revealing the high-profile names that she and accomplice Jeffrey Epstein have footage of, including Prince Andrew if it gets her shorter imprisonment.

Princess Oxenberg announced she was willing to testify against Maxwell for the copious comments she had of her when they met in 1997. She also revealed she worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of what she knows of her crimes.

Secret recordings

A friend of Maxwell also previously stated that she knew of recorded footages of high-profile names that the Epstein and Maxwell couple had stored, as reported by The Sun UK.

The colleague stated Maxwell was cunning and would not commit a crime she was not confident in hiding and would store away sex tapes that caused others to flee from the activities or be used as insurance.

Maxwell allegedly plans to bring down the rich and well-connected that have been involved in their illegal sexual activities by sharing video footage of them in the act.

If authorities take Maxwell's offer, they could take the video records she has of the individuals she claims fled from the couple and give the accused a lighter punishment of her crimes.

The source also noted that Epstein enjoyed filming himself with the young girls they managed to take inside their sex trafficking ring and individuals who conducted underage sexual intercourse.

The friend noted the abuser did so in an attempt to ensure his safety by having an advantage over the powerful men who divulged themselves in his sex trafficking empire.

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