After the alleged suicide of child-abuser Jeffrey Epstein last year, his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested for suspicions of conspiring with Epstein to entice young girls into committing sexual activities.

Connections to the rich and powerful

According to The New York Post, experts believe that her guilt and involvement in the crimes is undeniable and that the only question that remains is if the federal government keeps her alive to stand in the trial.

Before his death, Epstein was considered to be the most high-value inmate in federal custody. The criminal had ties to powerful men who would lose nearly everything if they were to be exposed.

In the chance that Maxwell dies while in federal custody, the government would take a hit that would scar its reputation forever.

Maxwell believes she will be able to go free with how many hidden secrets she has on several influential individuals. The confidant of the billionaire pedophile remains convinced that she can eventually clear her name of all allegations with the power she has over the rich and powerful.

While she was hiding from law enforcement, she confidently kept in touch with her friends as she was residing with wealthy associates, as previously reported by The Sun.

Maxwell's friend, Laura Goldman, previously stated that the arrested woman believes she can get away with the crimes and clear her family name to return to high society once again after the dust has settled.

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Forever hidden by accomplices

Goldman also said Maxwell had rich connections that would keep her hidden from the public eye and take care of her legal fees for her. Adding she can hide for as long as she desires.

The friend also claims that Maxwell must have some haunting secrets on several people to be so sure of herself and her apparent freedom from the accusations of involvement in the crimes.

After Epstein's death, Maxwell was allegedly relieved to have been freed of potential backlashes of the crimes the couple committed.

Maxwell previously bragged about being the one responsible for getting Donald Trump and Melania together.

Trump is among the most powerful connections tied with Epstein before his death, meaning Maxwell would also have been close with the wealthy republican. They are also connected to Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, as reported by The Daily Beast.

The former New York City stockbroker, Goldman, used to be in the same posse that included the couple but had a falling out with the group after the arrest of the financier in 2008.

Since the case involving Epstein that led to his arrest, Maxwell has only been photographed once when she was seen in a Los Angeles burger joint.

Several others have noted that Epstein took the easy way out with his suicide and urged the public to make sure that Maxwell does not continue feeling safe with all the crimes she has had a hand in.

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