In Madhya Pradesh, a pregnant woman had given birth to a baby girl with all of her four limbs missing due to a rare genetic disorder. The birth occurred in Sironj Tehsil in the village of Saka located in the district of Madhya Pradesh Vidisha on June 26.

A life with no limbs

The baby girl was born without limbs to a congenital disorder called Tetra-Amelia and based on the statement of a pediatrician at Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Hospital, Sironj, Dr Suresh Aggarwal, the infant was considered healthy besides her missing arms and legs.

According to the India Times, the little girl would require additional check-ups to monitor her health and condition. The parents of the child also conducted the delivery at their residence and refused to bring their newborn to the hospital.

The United States' National Institute of Health (NIH) said the disorder is sporadic and results from a mutation of the WNT3 gene. The gene has a very crucial role in the development of the baby before being born and is responsible for producing the protein that is involved in the formation of a fetus' limbs.

Pediatrician Dr Prabhakar Tiwari, the Bhopal chief medical health officer, noted that only one out of 100,000 newborn babies are affected by the disorder. The little girl from Madhya Pradesh is the first recorded case of the disorder that he had recorded throughout his medical experience.

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The Research Center on Congenital Anomalies' Dr Eva Bermejo-Sanchez from Spain, however, said in a study in 2011 that the disorder occurs once in every 71,000 pregnancies, as reported by Inquirer.

It was also reported that the syndrome could adversely affect the development of the lungs, which leads to breathing difficulties. Medical experts suggest continuous observation of the newborn child to ensure that she properly developed her internal organs.

Working through life's difficulties

A similar case of the disorder is seen with Nicholas James Vujicic, who was born in 1982 without any of his limbs. The 37-year-old father has been married to Kanae Miyahara since 2012. He is working as a Christian Evangelist and motivational speaker to show others what is possible despite the challenges that life sets for us.

The Australian man who has four children is a famous motivational speaker and has written numerous books, as reported by Daily Mail. Vujicic has travelled around the world, spreading inspiration and positivity despite his condition.

Vujicic had openly shared his experiences with bullying due to not having any limbs. He also noted he had previously attempted to end his life at the early age of ten due to the difficulties he had been facing throughout his childhood.

The motivational speaker focused on the good things in life and battled through depression and life's challenges, leading him to the discovery of his purpose and realizing obstacles as opportunities. His determination and perseverance throughout his life had led him to become one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the world.

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