Kiribati found in the Central Pacific, just opened a new Chinese embassy and is now among three other countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Cuba.

The opening of a Chinese embassy in May at a far-flung island nation is prompted by geopolitical competition. China has been actively stealing countries or states that are close to Taipei, and this is the seventh, reported in CNN.

Newly elected Kiribati leader, President Taneti Maamau, won by choosing Beijing. He won over a candidate preferring Taiwan.

The island of Kiribati is only part of China's plan to hole in Pacific nations that are major passages from Asia to America.

A US military presence has been traditional. Australia is one of its donors and security partner. But Beijing has been actively subverting politicians with the promise of loans, which makes the US and its allies distrust China's undermining, mention in CNN Philippines.

Both Canberra and Beijing giving aid to the region, and it creates a travel bubble with Australia and a new dimension.

China and Australia are both engaged in a geopolitical struggle to be the most dominant influence.

During the pandemic, China sent medical teams and support to help out the Pacific islands, but Beijing is only the second in terms of money poured.

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Loans were given to these countries that are in need of assistance, which is an obvious indicator of what China needs to spread influence.

The gross domestic product (GDP) of the Pacific Islands is $33.77 billion, this is a speck compared to China's, cited ABC 17.

During the pandemic, the Chinese gave aid to the coronavirus efforts of the Pacific Islands to control coronavirus.

Taking advantage of the situation, the US and its allies were hard up trying to control the virus. China swooped in distributed medicines, PPE's and test kits to them, related by Chinese embassies.

For example, in Samoa and Fiji Beijing took the initiative and gained political mileage and recognition in the areas.

These islands have not been hit by the coronavirus as hard as other places. The assistance given by China made a difference.

According to Jonathan Pryke, the actions of China is motivated by opportunism, gaining influence at the same time. He is the director of the Pacific island program at the Lowy Institute, as well, confirmed 7News.

An allegation about their help with the intent to stranglehold the area was countered by stating it was all well-meant and no political coercion was involved.

When China was attacked by many nations over shenanigans during the pandemic, the Pacific Islands supported China. In a meeting with China over the coronavirus in a video conference, they gave affirmation for Chinese help.

According to Denghua Zhang, he remarked that Beijing needed the backup.

Australia give the most support with $69 million given to about 10 nations in the pacific. The amount is given to aid and programs for their development.

But Australia is moving in to lessen the vacuum which China is rushing in to fill up. If nothing is done, there would be consequence to worry about.

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