After North Korea's Central Military Commission governing party convened in a meeting presided by its Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, the Hermit Kingdom announced that military action against South Korea will be suspended.

According to BBC, the North's state media KCNA reported that during the said meeting which was held via video conference, the governing party discussed several documents which outline measures which will be taken to prevent bolstering a war which may be deterrent to the nation.

Moreover, the report said that members of the committee assessed the current situation between the two conflicting nations before making a decision to suspend their plans of military action. However, they did not elaborate on the reason for such a decision.

The tension between the Koreas

In the past few weeks, tension between the two Korean nations has been fired up after groups in South Korea led by defectors from the North sent propaganda leaflets over the border into the Hermit Kingdom through balloons. The leaflets were said to contain propaganda defaming the Kim regime.

However, the North claims that the campaign done by the defectors was a violation of the inter-Korean agreements which initially aimed to prevent military confrontations between the feuding nations. The north has also accused the South of insulting and tainting the Kim-regime and the image of the supreme leader.

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In a report by the New York Post, it was stated that the North has answered the defaming attacks from the South in the past weeks by threatening to cut communication lines, blowing up the inter-Korean Liaison office on the North-side of the border. In addition, Kim Jong-un's sister Kim Yo Jong has also made noise by saying that the rogue nation will be having retaliatory action against the South which may include the use of military forces.

North Korea trying to get attention from US?

In addition, there were also reports that the loudspeakers were put up by North Korean military forces within the proximity of the Korean Demilitarized Zone. However, it was also recently reported that the speakers have already been taken down.

South Korean Unification Ministry spokesperson, Yoh Sang-key stated that Seoul is currently reviewing reports given by the North by refused to elaborate on the matter.

Meanwhile, according to Aljazeera's Rob McBride, the course of action that the Hermit Kingdom is now taking is starting to create a pattern where they increase the tensions, resort to threats and simply take it back to let the tension subside.

He also added that through following the pattern, the North has achieved its main objective which is to get attention internationally especially from the United States, which they have unfinished business with.

On top of this, McBride emphasized that the move has painted an image of Kim Jong-un as the voice of reason amid the feud between the two nations. He also added that it is very convenient given that the dictator is playing "the good cop" just before an important anniversary.

It can be noted that on Thursday, the start of the Korean War will mark its 70th year.

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