NORTH KOREA- Politician and singer, and rumored girlfriend of Kim Jong-un, Hyon Song-Wol, had been executed based on the reports after making a sex tape, reappeared a year later.

Based on some information, Kim and the singer/politician were together as teenagers before Kim Jong-il, the leader's father ordered their separation. And in 2013, South Korean newspaper, Chosun Ilbo which has close links to the Intelligence service of Seoul released that the singer/politician along with eleven other famous performers had been caught making a sex video resulting in their execution by a firing squad.

But a year after, Independent reported that Hyon made her first television appearance after the said news, praising Kim's regime and promising to boost the passion for art and creative work.

Despite Hyon being alive, the North Korean leader has a history of brutality especially to those who are closest to him.

According to Express UK, in 2013, the state news agency confirmed that the leader had discharged his own uncle from meetings and accused him of building factions against the state, drug abuse, womanizing, and corruption.

After the accusations of Kim towards his uncle about plotting against his regime, his uncle had then executed.

The half brother was also murdered in 2017 in an alleged assassination orchestrated by the state.

The apparent heir for the leadership in the state, Kim's half brother, Kim Jong-Nam just fell out of favor in 2001.

The deceleration on his ride to dictatorship happened when he embarrassed the regime with a failed attempt to visit Disneyland in Tokyo using a false passport, but Kim's half-brother admitted that he loses the favor because of the advocating reform.

In 2003, Kim Jong-Nam left North Korea and became his own family dynasty's critic.

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Nearly a decade after he left North Korea, in 2012, Kim Jong-Nam shared that Kim Jong-un in the outside world is a joke.

He also pointed out that Kim Jong-un is just a nominal figure and the members of the power elite will be the ones who are in actual power.

By the second quarter of the year, Kim has been the center of rumors and speculation after disappearing twice.

His disappearance from the public view for about three weeks in the month of April, doubts, and speculations about his health persisted.

According to the reports, the dictator of North Korea could have died or even in a vegetative state, but based on the information gathered by US and South Korean officials, they confirmed that the leader was well and alive.

But during the start of May, reports show that Kim made his first public appearance after 21 days of absence.

Based on the information gathered by the nation's state-controlled news agency, after the leader cut the ribbon at the ceremony, thunderous cheers of celebration was the reply of those who attended the event for their Supreme leader, who for them gave them the prosperity they are having up to this day.

But despite some reappearance from the public, speculations about his real health condition remains.

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