Tensions between India and China were on the rise as President Donald Trump offered to "mediate" between the two countries. The statement comes as Beijing's envoy that arrived at New Delhi on Wednesday reassured that the two countries posed no risk to each other.

The US president said that they had notified the two countries' officials that the United States is prepared and willing to mediate or arbitrate the border disputes between the two, in a tweet Trump posted on Wednesday that caused New Delhi to scramble, as reported by The Print.

The US as the mediator

Zhao Lijian, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, said that the status in the China-India border was "generally stable and controllable." He added that the two parties were keeping open communication through their front-line military units and embassies to resolve the disputes in a calm and collected manner.

The Asian country is committed to following agreements that the two countries signed and is planning to maintain peace and stability in the region between China and India, added Zhao.

Sun Weidong, China's ambassador to India, offered to put ties back on agreed terms. Without mentioning the border status, Sun said that the two countries "pose no threat to each other" and that they should not let whatever differences they have to compromise bilateral cooperation.

According to the HindustanTimes, he added that the two countries should find a solution to the problem using communication and continually finding solutions to disputes.

On Wednesday, Alice G. Wells said that China is showing disturbing behaviour which begs questions of how the country is seeking to utilize its increasing power.

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The offer made by Trump, which is not a first as he has previously tried to do with New Delhi and Islamabad last year, comes in the wake of rising tensions between the US and China on disputes over bilateral trade and the global pandemic wreaking havoc across the world.

Efforts made by the Narendra Modi government has been lauded by the Chinese envoy in their fight against the coronavirus and its move to go to early lockdown when it had fewer cases than India.

"At present, we feel heavy-hearted and empathy while India's epidemic situation is getting more severe," he added.

A risky move

The tweet by the US president provides additional evidence of his antipathy with China that is pushed by some members of his administration.

"It's a move to poke the Chinese, surely, much like a class teacher calling two squabbling students," said one anonymous source. They also added that China considers itself to be part of the elite class and will not allow a third party to monitor its actions.

President Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues have been on a relentless attack against China amid the COVID-19 crisis as the US claims to have the Asian country be held responsible for the virus spreading across the world.

The US president has also called for an official investigation looking into the origin of the pandemic. Officials have also suggested that the coronavirus was allegedly leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan.

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