According to China, the US is edging the already frayed relationship into a new cold war that was driven by the barrage of claims that Beijing is hiding something, but the CCP countered an offer to find its source.

President Trump despite Beijing's offer to stop the misunderstanding is still intent on pursuing its position on the source of the coronavirus which did not please the CCP as it sought to lessen the criticisms against it, reported by afp.

 Wang Yi said, adding to the very verbal tiff of both countries, the assault of words from Washington reached another target. That is the recent development that involves Hong Kong, the desire of the CCP to consolidate control over it. Effectively stamping out freedom there. This harangue by US-made China says that the US has a political virus, and it prods many attacks on China.

 Wang Yi was vocal about the fact that political forces in the US, which were fundamentally opposed to mainland China, so much that a cold war that used to be Russia and the US, now it is China who us the target of another cold war. He told members in an official session in China.

Adding worsening US-China relations, like human rights but most were shoved aside since the US has to give scathing remarks, left and right.

Wang Yi did not say, who or what specifically and US President Donald Trump has been vocal and doubtful of China's action in the pandemic, that has a cost of 5,588,356 cases and 347,873 deaths, sent millions into lockdown, with economies ravaged by the COVID-19 disease, and no vaccine in sight yet

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According to the Trump administration all of that caused by the actions of the regime of Xi Jinping has made everything worse.

The Chinese official said it is interpreted as passing the buck to China and distracting attention for the response to the COVID-19 impact on American lives and economy.

Tit for tat, the Chinese spokesman has taken potshots at the US attempts to control their raging pandemic, with the US having more infection than any country, even exceeding Italy.

Wang then told the US to get with the program and waste less time and lives.

He added that an investigation of the source of the coronavirus as an international effort, but it was stressed with the condition of it being free and no undue influence from any nation.

Chinavirus and stigma of Wuhan

Wang mentioned several political figures in the US are demonizing China and seek to stigmatize.

World Health Organization asked China to help look for the exact origin of the novel coronavirus, but the CCP proposed it be done with the pandemic over.

China confirmed last Tuesday more than 120 nations met virtual, chaired by the European Union, topics on review was the assessment of the pandemic, though China dodged a scathing during the virtual summit.

Wang Yi added that any investigative action should avoid that any party is presumed guilty, from the start.

The flashpoint is the action China is taking to quell Hong Kong and its freedom, and the US with the world, adds another nail driving the move to a Cold War.

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