The world is evolving and with viruses, bacteria, and pollutants everywhere, it has come to a point that we couldn't even trust the very air that we breathe.

With many diseases now airborne, air purifiers have become a necessity, thus, we have compiled the best air purifiers available in the market to make breathing as easy as it used to be.

LEVOIT LV-H132 Purifier

LEVOIT LV-H132 Purifier 
(Photo : Amazon)

While brands adapt to purify the air using UVC Light and Anion, it could actually be harmful to kids and Asthma sufferers as it can produce a kind of air pollutant-Ozone but Levoit air purifiers disregarded these materials to stay 100% Ozone free.

With its advanced 3-stage Filtration System, LEVOIT LV-H132 Purifier can capture allergens, pet hair, smoke and large dust particles while removing 99.97% of airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns.

To ensure rapid purification, this highly-efficient air purifier circulates room air over 4 times, while its unique size and contemporary design, it perfectly fits for small or medium-sized rooms such as offices and dorms.

You can also choose for its night light setting for you to create your own ideal environment for your well-deserved relaxation.

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WINIX 5500-2 Amazon's choice

WINIX 5500-2 Amazon's choice
(Photo : Amazon)

This air purifier is on another level as its PlasmaWave technology acts as a permanent filter to safely break down odor, chemical vapors, allergens and other pollutants with zero Ozone produced.

With its washable AOC Carbon Filter made from activated carbon granules, it is one of the best ways to remove household odor and you can save energy as well once its Smart Sensors worked as it gauges the air and when turned into Auto mode than fan automatically adjusts to filter the air as needed and it has a sleep mode for the time night time usage.


Necklace purifier
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When traveling, your experience will not always be of beautiful scenery and refreshing vibe, sometimes you will be exposed to unsanitary air before reaching your destination. This air purifier is perfect for travelers as it can act as a travel accessory simply by just putting on your neck and automatically you will have a necklace of breathable air.

Despite its modern and sleek design which can casually blend in any kind outfit don't let it fool you as this 6x5x2 product which weighs 5 ounces can improve your mood anywhere, as its negative ions will absorb suspended particles in the air such as second-hand smoke, dust, and other pollutants, making these suspended particles attract each other, becoming larger and heavier, which results to an acceleration of its landing.

The Oxy-Angel's filter-less technology purifies your air forever without any additional costs, and there is no need for cleaning and maintenance.

With its necklace design, you can also hang it on your bags or pockets, to keep being stylish and it is not weird to wear for it does not produce sound compared to the normal air purifier.

By simply plugging in it for 60 minutes, you will receive a whole day of high quality and efficiently breathable air as it can last up to 28 hours.

In this 28 hours, you will feel protected and refreshed anywhere as this necklace can give you an improved physical performance coming from a better quality of sleep, elevated attention spans, reduced headaches, and a healthier immune system.

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