A heartburn medicine is another drug that is said to cure coronavirus. Because of this, there is an increased purchase of said medicine resulting to possible shortages in the future.

In pharmacies, a heartburn medication that has an ingredient tested right now for the coronavirus is flying off the shelves as people think it might work. Same as what happened to drugs like chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, people are hoarding the medicine even if there is no proof yet that it will pass the trials.

The active ingredient of the medicine is in the study, as another coronavirus treatment which is similar to a repurposed drug which did not conclusively cure COVID-19.

Undertrial is Famotidine which is an antacid and antihistamine used in the brand Pepcid AC in generic medications. The researchers are doing the study at Northwell Health in NYC, and the lead is Dr Kevin Tracy.

Dr. Tracy told people not to buy them or hoard any heartburn medicines, online retailers like Amazon and Walgreens are running short of heartburn relief medicine, as hoarding continues.

When looking for Pepcid Ac and other generic option online, most of them were not on hand or were not available any more on Monday afternoon. When Amazon was asked for a comment about the lack of Pepcid AC, they gave no comment.

Checking at CVS, one of the largest pharmacy chains to buy medicines, when asked for famotidine in Pepcid or generic, they were totally out of stock. All locations from NYC to Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston were all out of stock, which was indicated by the pharmacy. When asked again for a reason why the stocks ran out, CVS did not give a statement or response to queries.

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Rampant hoarding of the drug was not expected when the study was published.

The Famotidine stampede was more severe than expected as people, literally, were buying a drug that had no proven efficacy yet.

Just like CVS, another company Walgreens was picked to the bone same as CVS, and famotidine was not to be found in their stocks that got cleaned out. Further investigation showed that ZIP codes all over the US has all out of stock notices. An exception were a few stores that had a limited stock. Just like the others, there was no comment but it was clear the rumor coronavirus cure has been cleaned out.

To say that Famotidine is of any worth as an effective treatment for the COVID-19 is not even definite, according to Dr. Tracy. Suppose some benefits are even found, most of the subjects are taking it through a drip not orally. Another is the high doses that might have a negative effect, much higher for heartburn.

Dr. Tracy stressed to the public that Famotidine is not yet proven to be effective. He added going to the drugstore to buy heartburn medicine is not wise.

Heart burn is still a legitimate malady and anyone not suffering from heart burn is taking away relief from those who need it more.

Not all drugs meant for coronavirus studies are destined to work. Many will not be successful because these drugs are meant for another illness. 

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