An entire family in the Hemel Hempstead died in a suspicious murder-suicide housefire at 12.30, on March 29. Emergency services were called by one of the neighbors, but no survivors were found.

The family that died on the property was the Walker family. According to their neighbors that said they were a nice and quiet family. Their deaths were unexpected and everyone was shocked, not knowing how this incident could even happen.

The deceased

The Walker family was generally, well-liked by everyone in Stuarts Close, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. Family members Caroline and Gary Walker, about 50 and 57, with their only daughter Katie, age 24 were like any normal family in their suburbs.

On a Sunday, their neighbors were alerted by smoke coming from inside the house. First thought by witnesses is to call emergency services and the paramedics, just in case any survivor needed assistance.

 All of them, from father, mother, and daughter did not survive and were all declared lifeless when they were found by the responders. The house was burned as well when the unusual incident happened.

Hertfordshire Police declared that a murder-suicide could be the cause of the house burning and deaths of all family members, on Monday. Police added that they are not looking for any culprit involved or suspect in the Walker family deaths.

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The Statement of Detective Inspector Iain MacPherson

Detective Inspector Iain MacPherson Cambs and Hertfordshire major crime unit said, "Police are following all lines of enquiry and considering all possible motives. We are treating this as an isolated incident. Our early inquiries have led us to believe there is no threat to the wider community. We are investigating three suspicious deaths and are not looking for anyone else in connection to this incident at this time."

He added as the death of the entire Walker family as tragic, and expressed condolences for the family and friends of the deceased, who died in the house.

What neighbors said about the deceased

On Monday afternoon, one of the witnesses at the scene, mentioned that the police were taking a four-foot lamp from the ill-fated address, and were putting the item inside a unknown police van.

The police were taking items from the scene of the Walker families demise, that was a reminder to their neighbors, their house at Hemel Hempstead will be silent with just memories of the dead occupants.

Peter Downer, who lived near the house, was in disbelief to what happened, he said his remembrances to the Walkers.

He added that Mr. Walker was a draftsman for an engineering firm, and his wife Caroline had worked at Waitrose, and their daughter worked with animals.

The 67-year old was shaken by their demise. He added that they were his friends and their a nice family. He said their deaths were not ordinary.

Furthermore, he said they were well-liked and cannot imagine what happened to them, expressing disbelief.

Peter called emergency services when he saw smoke coming from the house. According to him, there was only smoke but no fire.

Detective Inspector Iain MacPherson concluded that the suspected murder-suicide house fire of the Walkers is an accident, and no foul play was found. He also expressed condolences to the family and friends.

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