Jayakrishna Balaji Simma posted a video of his Tesla Model 3 on Twitter showing how his glass shatters. Tesla supporters accuse him of FUD, but there are other cases of shattering glasses on the car.

Balaji Simma said on twitter: "My new Tesla Model 3 - spontaneously shattered window video - happened today, within 24 hours of delivery, less than 40 miles on the car. Very disappointing . I have huge respect to @elonmusk   Hoping Tesla will fix the known issues and will not disappoint new owners."

Tweet of Balaji Simma
(Photo : twitter / Balaji Simma @bsimma)
Tweet of Balaji Simma with the video of the incident.

Tesla supporters stated that Balaji Simma is a FUDster. FUD means "fear, uncertainty, and doubt", usually stir up problems intentionally in order to put a competitor at a disadvantage. Other claims that the said video was poorly edited and there was no surveillance video records sound. Others say that his Twitter account is fake. He reached to a point that he defended himself on a twitter post.

Model3.Quickie tweet
(Photo : twitter / Model3.Quickie / @M3Quickie)
Model3.Quickie tweet that tells Balaji Simma to post the unedited version of the incident.

They tried to contact him through direct messaging on Twitter about the said incident just to show some proofs of the broken glass of the door or an unedited video of the incident or anything that could help them prove his claims. So far he did not comply.

Tweet of john ford
(Photo : twitter / john ford / @swampgator13)
Tweet of john ford asking about the Surveillance video with audio.

His name has been searched on Google and like the tweet shows, and he lives in San Diego, California.

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Other people showed in their tweet similar issues with their Tesla vehicles, though it was a different model of Tesla vehicle.

Tweet of AugustaIrish
(Photo : twitter / AugustaIrish / @chris_ewart)
Tweet of AugustaIrish having the same issue with his Tesla car.

There's another incident of Tesla Model 3 reported by Ameya Amritwar stated that the glass ceiling just blew out while driving the tesla and luckily it is still covered in part by insurance.

Picture of Ameya Amwitwar Tesla car
(Photo : facebook / Ameya Amritwar)
Picture of Ameya Amwitwar broken rear wind shield.
They tried contacting Amritwar after that incident with his car but did not hear back from him so far.
Tweet of Cameron Berry
(Photo : twitter / Cameron Berry / @cameronberrynh)
Tweet of Cameron Berry regarding the issue of his ring camera having frame skip.

There are other incidents that involves glass issue within Tesla vehicles. Last January, they have shown a severe leak on the A-pillar of Tesla Model X. With the help from Chad Hrencecin, from "The Electrified Garage,' and from George Catalin Marinescu, from "Doctor Tesla," they found out it was a common assemble issue made by machines. Many Tesla Model S owners complain about the pressure buffeting.

The tweet above tells that the glass shattering could have been caused by the air pressure in Amritwar's case and a misaligned door in Simma's case. Despite that the video has frameskip, these two Tesla Model 3 owners have no reason to tell lies.

Current update from the owners of the Tesla Model 3

Simma and Amritwar already replied. Simma asked to remove his personal information and said Tesla solved his issue with his car under warranty. Despite the allegations he suffered, Tesla confirmed that the problem was with them and gave his car the warranty he deserved.

While Amritwar is still waiting for Tesla's response about what happened with his car.

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