It is still possible that bats are probably the source of coronavirus, but most of the actions that led to releasing it is human activity, especially those whose activities involved bats.

Zoologists and disease experts told CNN that destroying nature, and taking up every square inch of space is the culprit, not caring about the consequences of all actions. Diseases kept for millennias are now released.

How did the Coronavirus (COVID-19 disease) started in Wuhan? unless the virus can isolate in a living and proof of it is gained, finding the missing link to it.

Viruses that caused COVID-19 can be found in Chinese Horse shoe bats. This makes scientist think how these pathogens are not so major with the bat populations, since they were able to move all over the world, without human intervention. Or there is a need to reassess how humans should regard Earth.

As the only mammal to fly, they could increase territories faster according to scientists. Bats might have pathogens and diseases in their systems. Their lifestyle needs much energy, and their immune systems are specialized.

Bats fly with a temperature like a fever, and they go out twice a day to feed and roost. Pathogens in a bat's system can exist in extreme body temperature as well.

Should these viruses and diseases crossover to other animals or humans, there will be problems. Fevers are geared to get rid of viruses. However, a bat's virus can handle fevers easily. Others think that bats are not to blame for the coronavirus. In a greater picture, humans should be blamed.

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By messing with nature, zoonotic spillover or transfer will happen as long as man does not shape up, this will keep on happening.

Interfering with the bat's home and eating it, stress them, causing problems that affect how their systems managed these pathogens efficiently.

According to scientists, these infections increase and are excreted, or shed. People do the same thing when stress is encountered like a cold sore. 

Bats may have different pathogen that evolved to handle a feverish temperature. It may be that a human fever cannot handle viruses like that.

There are assumptions that the wet-markets of Wuhan, China is the hotspot of the coronavirus, where several species are sold. This resulted into an exchange of pathogens that culminating coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease.

The stress suffered by the wildlife at Wuhan markets in near proximity allow viruses shed and mix at random, creating a deadly viral cocktail because the animals are stressed.

No matter how it is cut, the spillover of unknown viruses is hard to control, as man invades nature on a regular basis. And, there will always be a runoff in the form of sicknesses and pathogen going man's way.

Unless those places in Wuhan and other market are stopped, there will always be an outbreak or zootic spillover.

For the coronavirus, this is spillover on humans and bats are not to blame. Humans are breaking the natural chain, and more pandemics both lesser or greater will come everyone's way.

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