The Fusco Family
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the last picture of the family gathering of the Fusco's
A family reunion led to a terrible incident after a New Jersey mother, along with her children, died due to COVID-19. Meanwhile, three of their relatives were hospitalized in critical condition after testing positive.

Vincent Fusco, one of the victims, died at Central State Medical Center in Freehold, one day after his mother and brother passed away. Fusco's family sought a legal advisor who is Roseanne Paradiso Fodera, Mrs. Fusco's cousin for the said incident and his sister died after.

After Vincent passed away, two more members from the family were confirmed to have been infected by the coronavirus. Mrs. Fusco, 73, died on Wednesday night at CentralState Clinical Center. Meanwhile, at St. Luke's University Hospital-Bethlehem Campus in Pennsylvania her son Carmine Fusco, a New York and New Jersey horse racing trainer died on the same day.

Rita Fusco-Jackson, Mrs. Fusco's 55-year-old daughter, also died on the same day. The family learned she had coronavirus. Family members are now urging federal health agencies such a the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to conduct a post-mortem examination to determine how the infection killed Rita.

Mrs. Fusco died unaware of the death of her eldest son and daughter.

Three different Fusco family members are hospitalized and are in critical condition as of Wednesday. Nineteen other relatives are being tested for the virus and have observed self-isolation as they await their test results.

John Brennan, a horse trainer living at Little Ferry, was said to have attended the gathering. His relationship with the family is unclear.

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Dr. James Matera, the chief clinical officer of CentraState Medical Center, examined the uniqueness of treating such a large number of individuals from a similar family with the state's wellbeing chief and authorities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In addition to the individuals who tested positive for the coronavirus at CentraState, 27 community individuals who have been tested for the coronavirus waiting for the results were hospitalized as their cases stay under investigation.

Patients who are negative for the coronavirus, and sufficiently healthy enough to leave the hospital are instead being kept for isolation. If the results returned fast, more patients could be discharged.

Two main considerations in this pandemic are individuals without any indications effectively spreading the infection and issues with testing in New Jersey.

The Fusco's relatives also believed that speedier test results could have rescued her from her disease.

At least 742 people are infected in New Jersey including nine deaths from coronavirus, and across the nation, at least 10,822 people over each state, in addition to Washington, D.C., and three U.S. territories have tested positive for coronavirus. At least 172 people died because of the virus.

The quantity of coronavirus cases in New Jersey has jumped every day, pushing medicinal services authorities and political pioneers to find a way to prevent the coronavirus.

Experts even doctors are telling everyone, even if they are not positive with coronavirus to stay at least six feet away from one another and avoid social gatherings.

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