The paranoid schizophrenic woman, Odessa Carey, 36-years old, was found guilty of beheading her mother by a jury of peers.

Authorities found the mother's body gruesomely mutilated at the neck. The headless body of the mother who is also named Odessa was discovered at the pensioner's home in Ashington, Northumberland.

Carey was arrested shortly when the police located her in the loft of another house in Guide Post. While looking around for the despoiled head, police officers found the head under the sink.

As an evidence of her crime, the police released two clips showing Odessa on the street with a shopping bag containing her mum's head.

In another footage, she was hiding out in the loft as police found her.

Nicholas Lumley, the prosecutor during her trial, said that Odessa went to a friend of her late father but she had blood all over her arms and hands when she visited him.

"In the bag, she had with her, was the mangled head of her mother, that she exposed to the allotment holder. She kissed the severed head in front of him," the QC told Newcastle Crown Court.

According to prosecutor Lumley, the witness to the exposure of the mum's head, he had no mobile so he did not call the police. Instead, he told someone at the local pub of the gruesome sight. The second witness reported the incident of seeing a woman bringing her mom's head in a bag.

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Somebody else did report the deranged daughter of the deceased. The next day, the daughter was tracked down while she was in hiding, and the authorities promptly arrested her.

The jurors overseeing the case and findings, Judge Paul Sloan said,"The evidence which I heard before you were empanelled confirms that the defendant is acutely psychotic."

It can be concluded that Odessa has a likely diagnosis of schizophrenia, and paranoid delusional beliefs manifesting that she is not of the right mind.

The accused does not think the body of the beheaded is not her mother's. Odessa is unwell and treatment to correct her psychotic tendencies is not successful.

According to the presiding Judge Sloan, the defendant will be getting treated at Rampton Hospital in Nottinghamshire. Because of her condition, she will be sentenced on the basis of the Mental Health.

The judge stated that pleading cannot avoid punishment which is not very appropriate according to him.

Treating the disturb defendant is important and the should also find ways to keep the defendant from harming someone else for public protection.

During the magistrates court hearing, Odessa told the judge that the head does not belong to her mother and that is is that of another person.

When the hearing was ending, she then asked the magistrate to investigate her mother's disappearance four years ago.

Out of the court, her family said that their mother will be missed by everyone, especially by all their family members.

One of the elder children said that the grisly beheading by their younger sister was caused by mental health problems, which she suffered for many years.

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