"Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" manga has gathered a lot of mixed reactions recently but we do think it is currently having a good run. Boruto Chapter 43 would be released a couple of weeks from now, but this does not stop fans from making their predictions and speculations on what might transpire to the manga's upcoming installment.

In this chapter, viewers may witness the weakness of Boro which Kawaki may have found. This may become the key to defeating him.

The action in Boruto Chapter 43 is most probably going to be one of the most crucial installments in the current arc because it will likely show the culmination of the brawl between Team 7 and the Kara member Boro. This may bring an end to Boro and finally them rescuing Naruto.

When Team 7 attacks Boro, the Kara member will just mend whatever body part was damaged in a matter of seconds.

The man simply can't be finished with the level of attacks Team 7 members are releasing, but Kawaki distinctly remembers something about Kara members that might lead to the team's victory.

The current plot underscores the strengths of the new Team 7 along with their newest ally, Kawaki.

Kara members like Boro had their bodies altered and equipped with scientific tools to enhance specific powers and abilities. The scientific tool implanted was responsible for Boro's insane regeneration skills.

Previous chapters were highlighted by Sarada's fighting and leadership skills, leading to her making use of Chidori in Chapter 42.

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The last chapter of the Boruto manga is called Regeneration. In this chapter, Boro's regeneration ability is powered by a large core, so the key to defeating Boro then is to wreck this core and alleviate him from regenerating his damage. Sakura can identify where Boro's core is located and then makes use of Chidori to prevent Boro from regenerating again. No other team members could be able to do the very act.

Sarada was amazing and Kawaki was consistently crazy-powerful. Mitsuki showcased with great versatility and allowed everyone a fighting chance with the antidote.

"Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" Chapter 43 would not be smooth-sailing for Sarada as she would have to use a technique that she is not yet a master. The trick could be recalled by fans of the original Naruto series.

Sarada was able to find the source of Boro's regeneration and figured that it moves too fast for most attacks she can summon other than the Chidori. We saw Sarada landing a Chidori onto Boro's midsection by the end of Chapter 42.

When Boro attacks Kawaki head-on, Kawaki prioritizes Naruto's safety. Boro observing Kawaki's affection towards Naruto said, "You have changed, Kawaki. It's truly sad to see."

Many people online believe that the attack might only damage the core but won't affect too much of the Kara member's fighting prowess.

Boro is likely not to be defeated simply because he lost his core as his body is still intact. Even without his regeneration ability, many fans presume that he might even force at least one member of Team 7 to make a sacrifice so Naruto can be rescued.

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