Staying at home for the weekend and nowhere to go? If that is the case, why not get any of these 5 fun board games to play with the family. All these games are pure fun and just like the old days before computer games were not the rage. These games are creative and allow multi-player options for coop fun.

Have a different kind of fun with these exciting games, and turn off the gadgets then start rolling the dice. You'll get guaranteed old school fun with any of these board games and boredom killers. Here are some board games that you can play with your family or friends.

1. Betrayal At House On The Hill

Choose this board game when you are bored. This is acclaimed as a strategy and horror game. Gather your family and friends to play this game on a special night, or just when anyone wants to. Even comes with an upgrade kit to give variation for players.

Play each tile to explore the haunted mansion and get out in one piece or never leave. There are more than 50 themes to play with for all-out fun. No solo play here since it is coop game to survive the horror. But you should be aware because one is a traitor.

2. Wit's End Board Game

Not just another trivia games, but something with a twist to drive anyone to "Wit's End." All the challenges will check how much trivia and maddening problem solving skills do you have. Open the box and get ready for mind-bending action.

If you are into riddles, there is an odd-1-out game and guess what is the answer. Choose sequence and have all the fun trying to see what is the right pattern. There are also 1200 questions that will test what anyone knows, choose the game and be the ultimate Brainiac.

3. Mighty Fun! Telepathy Head-to-Head Logic, Strategy Game

Want someone one-on-one action? Get this game that is a mix of mastermind and soduku to practice your logic and deduction. This could be one of the most complex board games to play. Who will find out the secret square? Get the game and have hours of enjoyment for all-out versus play.

This game will sharpen your mind and other brainy skills each playtime. Play battleship and soduku for a unique board game experience making this the perfect game for those who love challenges. You can play one on one or teams and see who wins. 

4. Exit: The House of Riddles

Solve the mystery of the House of Riddles, and try to escape by solving the clues to get out. If one adventure is not enough, get expansion sets to make escaping harder. This can be played by up to four players who can attempt to solve problems and get out of the house. It is old-school for more fun, better than any app game too. Players from 10-up can play this which takes 1-2 hours of fun.  

If you are not into board games, you might want to try the Exploding Kittens Card GameEveryone will love this strategy game that is somewhat like Russian roulette, except its kittens exploding that makes it more fun. Many signed up to get this unique game from Kickstarter because of its unique gameplay which aims to prevent kitty from blowing up.

This is a card game for all ages and everyone who loves anything that explodes. Avoid drawing an exploding kitten from the deck and survive the game. This is considered the game of the year, so it a good buy for those into card games. Played Uno? This just works the same, but with a twist. And, everyone gets to join the fun!