Following her Megxit from the Royal family with husband Prince Harry, rumors surfaced that Megan Markle will be appearing in her best friend Jessica Mulroney's "I Do, Redo" reality TV show.

However, the Duchess of Sussex denied these rumors and confirmed that she will not be seen in the reality show soon. Mulroney met Markle in 2011 before she married Prince Harry and have been best friends since then. Jessica's children, Brian, Ive and John were even present in Meghan's royal wedding. Mulroney even helped pick out her royal wedding dress designer.

"I Do, Redo" is a Canadian reality TV series which stars Mulroney and her journey as she helps ten couple wed again in the second wedding of their dreams. The series will be streaming on Netflix and will air on CTV. After the rumors of Meghan being in the show spread last February 1, CTV took it to Twitter to clear up that Markle will not be appearing in the show.

After their announcement of leaving their royal duties, the former royal couple flew to Canada and stayed in their $14 million island home in the Pacific Coast and were reportedly living peacefully as a family with their young man Archie, walking the dogs, eating in and even doing yoga.

However, their peaceful life was short lived after Meghan announced that she would sue media practitioners who would post pictures of her and her son Archie while they stay in Canada.

With that Meghan and the Prince are planning to move to Los Angeles this summer. Meghan already has her hands full with looking at houses and it seems that doing the show is not on her priority list so far. Reports indicate that Meghan and Harry are already in the process of doing interviews for security personnel from Los Angeles and are still confirming if moving there for the summer is logistically possible for them.

The actress-turned royalty turned normal person, is still having a hard time impressing her new following after her marriage with the British Prince and recently withdrawing her whole family from royal duties. Meghan also opened up about the struggle of transitioning into motherhood with all the prying eyes of the public.

However, it seems that Meghan is not totally closing doors on showbiz and is moving from one kingdom to another. According to The Times, early in January, Meghan agreed to sign a deal to voice over for Disney to benefit a wildlife charity, Elephants Without Borders.

It can be recalled that Meghan returning to showbiz has sparked several concerns including accusations that the couple is cheapening the Royal brand. One reporter from Sky News Australia also dissed on Meghan;s acting career saying she wasn't even that famous before she married the prince. Meghan's fans and some royal fans, however are quick to go to Twitter at her rescue saying that people should stay out of her and the Prince's life and let them enjoy their marriage.