One of the first whistleblowers who warned the world about the Wuhan coronavirus has passed away. His action was commended and his death brought out anger and grief, over his death. The coronavirus doctor Li Wenliang took the Socratic Oath to his death bed in lieu of his selfless actions.
Officials at the Wuhan Central Hospital reported the doctor's passing in the wee hours of Friday morning, February 7. Statements indicate that his actual condition was uncertain and that leaves more questions than answers. One thing to note is that hospital and government channels were unclear until his time of death.

The cause of death of Dr. Li is the novel coronavirus. Despite numerous attempts to revive him, medical practitioners could no longer save him.  

Back in December, Dr. Li was accused of spreading rumors about coronavirus that was not rampant yet. He warned about another SARS-like outbreak that might occur in Wuhan, but it wasn't taken seriously and led to his detention. Wuhan officials downplayed it which now resulted into an outbreak.

Efforts to stop what the doctor, relayed to the public even censured after his death is now different. Confusion and fear is now anger at the circumstances of the coronavirus doctor's death.

Prior to the official announcement of his passing, some media sources have reported Li's death before Friday morning. But contradictory reports said he was not dead yet but in critical condition. Attempts to revive him were done, after that more confusion on social media.

Although Dr. Li wanted to spread awareness about coronavirus, it killed him instead especially that he did not get the support of the government. Dr. Li was suspected carrying the virus in January 12 and got a positive result on February 1. The circumstances that led to his detention by officials, started in December when seven patients had symptoms similar to SARS virus. The WeChat source said the victims bought food at the seafood market, quarantined at the hospital he worked at.

Soon after, the post was intercepted by Wuhan police and he was detained on unfounded rumors. Later, one victim died at the hands of the virus, along with 28,000 people infected, with a death toll of 560.

When the coronavirus doctor dies, netizens were not pleased. The Chinese community expressed their anger social media  as news of the doctor's death spread. Trending posts were asking for apologies to the doctor, for how he was treated. Others demand freedom of speech, but all posts were taken offline from Weibo.

One post got 1.8 million hits saying, "I want freedom of speech" that was posted Friday morning online.The content of the post was addressed to the government, as netizens are undermining the state-wide censorship in China. All the posts were furious and question how the government is handling the affair.

The central theme of the posts is about freedom of information and the right to free speech for the Chinese mainlanders especially. The death of the Dr. Li Wenliang, the coronavirus doctor, has lit a powder keg and it may not go away easily.