After the last episode aired of "The Bachelor," Peter Weber sent home four women packing. The six left are Hannah Ann, Victoria F., Kelley, Natasha, Kelsey, and Madison. The remaining hopeful will be on high gear to get the bachelor's heart.

Drama and tension between the women are rife, and the issues will be the centerpiece of the episode. What to expect from the next episode are doubts and possibly tears from the contestants that appear anytime. Another thing to note is the Mexican drama group that are part of the show's regular staples.

One of the first to leave was Victoria P., who discussed things going on between them and how he drew back for her, which was prompted when he had a situation with Alayah, that seemed to off Victoria P. a bit. Soon after he just decided to dump her and send her packing to her dismay.

When it was time to go, she did not allow him to walk her out, and it did not faze her at all. That was it, and curtains closed for Victoria P.

Next to go was Tammy, who was one of the favorites during the start of the show. But, things turned sour, and her leaving will be much better. All the things she did on the Monday episode was obnoxious when she criticized Kelsey for sobbing a lot, and Mykenna was in her sights had a problem. She was miffed when Weber, did not allow a one-on-one that she requested. 

 The two-on-one with Hannah Ann and Victoria F., hit nerves, all the women were furious about the development on "The Bachelor" show that got them riled up. Outspoken Tammy, let her claws out when she criticized Mykenna for being too emotional. She made it very clear that Mykenna is not fit for the bachelor.

Tammy's rudeness was unlikable, so it was easy to like Mykenna, even if she trash talks on others. She is a fashion blogger, and that might account for her attitude, for the most part.

Life goes on in "The Bachelor" as the women were having a go at each other in the postdate party while Peter was busy with Madison, who got the rose by the way. To make things more interesting, here are more tidbits that will spice up the going on in the show.

Tammy said that Mykenna was just in for the hashtags, but Mykenna denied it vehemently. The audeine doesn't seem to like Tammy who speaks too much which is not right because she has not found favor with Peter. Mykenna got the goodbye and not the rose, joining Sydney on the way out.  

The one-on-ones with Hannah Anna and Victoria F, went on drama over-drive and some more. Hannah Ann was not ready to get hitched and had breakdowns during the show, at one point during dinner she just went overboard.

Only six of the women are left on "The Bachelor," but the surprise is Natasha getting a rose from Peter although not much action was seen from her till now. Have we got a new twist to look forward to? Time to find out on Monday's airing of "The Bachelor."