Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and love is definitely in the air. This is the Day to give gratitude and honor to loved ones, girlfriends, and wives. Valentines is one of the most awaited seasons by girls around the world, one day filled with hearts and flower, I love you notes and chocolates. Thus, not receiving a gift may make a wife slightly disappointed, by slightly we mean, you probably will be sleeping on the couch for the rest of the month. So, if you still haven't thought about what to give to your wife and do not want to earn her ire for the whole from not receiving a V-Day gift, we have a few tips for you. Here are a few items that will surely make your wife happy and keep you from camping out in the living room. 

First on our list is Simulated Birthstone Rose Flower Drop Pendant, which consists of a teardrop simulated birthstone and a tiny rose. You can order this necklace depending on your wife's birth month, which may make her feel extra special. And name one girl who doesn't love roses because aside from the birthstone, this also comes with a tiny blooming rose which symbolizes eternal love. Your purchase will already come with a beautiful gift bag or an elegant bag.

What's Valentines Day without red balloons and I love yous? This item comes with both wherein you can get 12 helium supported balloons plus one I LOVE YOU Balloon. Love will definitely be in the air for you and your spouse when she wakes up to these balloons on V-day.

They say a rose that never withers symbolizes true love, so for you and your true love, this is the perfect gift. This 100% Real Rose dipped in 24K gold will surely prove your eternal love for gold symbolizes nobility of your love. So you can never go wrong with this two combined. Achieve eternal and strong relationships with this lovely gift.

If your wife loves cooking as much as she loves spending time with you, here is a gift that would remind her of you every single minute she spends in the kitchen. The Engraved "Love" Cutting Board, will remind your wife how special she is every time she cooks, and this is surely a win for both of you because at an affordable prize, you have a happy wife and your stomach will definitely be happy once she whips up that special V-Day dinner.

This next item will surely be perfect for your lover who is a coffee lover. She will surely be reminded of your love every time she take a sip of her coffee with this "My Wife I Loved You Then, I Love You Still, Always Will 11 ounce ceramic coffee cup". You will become her favorite person and this will certianly be her favorite coffee cup as well.  

Last but not the least is this Leather Scrapbook which will allow you and your wife to store all the memories of your love. This is perfect for wives who love to hold onto memories and are onto arts and crafts, this photo album/scrapbook has self-adhesive pages which will keep your memories and photo safe to show to your kids and grandkids in the future for only $15.99.

A happy wife equals a happy life; that's what they say. So this V-Day don't forget to put smiles on the face of the woman you love.