For fur-parents out there their fur babies are one of the most important part of their lives. Keeping their fur babies presentable and groomed is a top priority. These pets are already their family and just like a real baby, it is important that they are taken care of.

Believe it or not, fur babies needs is just as demanding as human babies are. And as these fur parents want to give the best for their babies even in their busy schedules, we have listed 8 pet grooming products that will make both the fur parent and baby happy.

First on our list is the Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool, this tool makes fur baby bath time easier. A pet shower, scrubber and sprayer combined into one which is compatible to your bathtub and garden hose, plus one size fits all hands. This bathing tool can be operated entirely with one hand, so you can hold your baby in place while comforting them with the other hand while giving them a bath with the other. The design was innovated to reduce spraying water and speed up bath time so you and your baby can have fun all day. Also it is designed to reduce pet anxiousness during bath time. This product has a lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer and can be bought in Amazon for only $24.94.

After having a bath with your baby, this item will surely help you out. The Cat Box Pet Hair Dryer Brush(Amazon, $22.45), will help you keep your pets smooth happy and dry. This shedding and grooming machine, is great for drying off you pet after a bath without the noise of a standard hairdryer that usually gives them stress. This brush also cleans up loose fur from your pet before it ends up in your couch.

Next on the list is the UPSKY Dog Brush and Cat Brush which does not only give your baby a clean and smooth fur coat but also massages your pet which can help with healthy circulation. The curved and stainless steel bristles of this brush reaches deep under your pet's fur without leaving scratches on you pet's skin. And this can be delivered in you doorstep for only $7.99.

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Fur babies will surely be loving this next item, the DELOMO Pet Grooming Gloves, which is a slip on pet grooming tool allowing pet lovers to brush away dirt loose hair and grime from your pet. It also stimulate healthy oil on their skin which may improve their coats radiance. The gloves have silicon grooming tips which mimics the touch of a hand giving your pet stress-free shiny locks for only $12.99.

Some fur babies have nails that may be too long and may cause distress to both pet and owner. The BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmers is the answer to this problem. It comes with a safety guard that helps avoid over-cutting and a free nail file for a good finish. This nail clipper is recommended by professionals and is very easy to use. It is also sturdy, non-slip and only costs $12.99.

The Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit, on the other hand, comes with a complete set of pet grooming tools. It also comes with cordless pet clippers which are quiet and will not cause anxiousness and stress. It has everything you need to keep your fur baby well groomed in one kit for only $16.99.

It is also important to keep you pets smelling nice and Paw Fume will give you just that. This product provides premium quality, effective and fragrant skin and coat that every furbaby deserves. It is also made safe for pets without the alcohol, sulfate and paraben. Paw Fume is also hypoallergenic and safe for pets to use. Keep your pets smelling good for only $13.99.

Last but definitely not the least in our top 8 fur parent needs is the Teamoy Pet Grooming Tote. This Organizer bag will help you organize your pet grooming supplies and carry them whenever and wherever you like. This is perfect for fur families that love traveling, it is made of high quality nylon which ensure durability for only $22.99.