Who wouldn't want to take a peek into a crystal ball? Knowing the future is an important subject for daydreamers the world over, and in the global marketplace, accurate foresight is no less powerful than in the days of old.

While we may no longer have the Oracle of Sybil around, there's a whole lot of public information. A keen eye for detail and an ear to the ground are more than enough to get a good read. Here's what you should be looking out for this coming year.


Once a niche product with only a handful of applications, lithium is now an important factor in the greater world economy. The powerhouse of our digital world, lithium, is the element essential for lightweight, efficient batteries. Everything, from your iPhone to your Tesla to your bathroom scale, runs on lithium batteries.

As the world moves away from fossil fuels, electric vehicles and other battery-powered alternatives are becoming the norm. In 2020, it is expected for lithium demand to soar to record levels, following the rising production of batteries. You can't invest directly in lithium, but you can invest in companies who mine and process it and acquire over-the-counter ETFs.


Nanowires are microscopic wires made from materials such as silicon, silver, and gold. They are another market trend to watch. Nanowires have been around for a while, and its potential for technology cannot be overstated. From sensors to generators to batteries and solar cells, they're an incredibly versatile technology.

What's new in 2020 about nanowires? Well, the technology itself may not be new, but the manufacturing techniques are rapidly improving. Nanowires aren't so much manufactured as they are grown. The yield and efficiency of this growth process have been advancing, and several companies are pushing the technology beyond what anyone imagined a few years ago.


Another sector expected to grow significantly in 2020 is healthcare and biotech. A huge part of that growth is expected to take place in the fast-growing market sector of CBD products. Cannabis derivatives with medical applications, like CBD balm and CBN, are experiencing a bit of a renaissance.

Despite a largely unfavorable legislative framework the world over, you can purchase CBD products online in many countries right now. Consumer attitudes towards CBD products are more tolerant than ever before, indicating signs of a bullish market. With sufficient momentum and just a dash of lobbying power, 2020 could be the year of CBD. 

PV cells

Photovoltaic cells, better known as PV cells or simply "solar panels," are another growth tech for 2020. PV cells have been around for decades and initially experienced a gradual process of optimization. That process has been accelerating for a while now, and every year PV cells increase in efficiency while becoming cheaper.

PV cells have long been the focus of alternative energy research efforts across Europe & the world. The cost of providing PV-generated electricity is nearing parity with traditional, contaminating sources such as coal. Solar power costs will continue to fall as the technology is applied at an even greater scale.

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To Sum Up

No one knows what the year ahead has in store for us, and the future remains as uncertain as ever. Clear patterns do emerge when you observe the bigger picture, once you start to distinguish the forest from the trees.

Will the defining market trend of 2020 be one of these four or something else entirely? Life has a funny way of upending the most carefully laid out plans, but even so, we'd wager at least even money that one of these four market trends will play a defining role this year